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Smiles and Laughs from Anne’s Marking Pile, a Quote from L.M. Montgomery’s Anne of Avonlea

Though fans of L.M. Montgomery will usually take whatever they can get from her, critics are not always satisfied by the Anne of Green Gables sequel, Anne of Avonlea (1909). Montgomery herself was not terribly satisfied, distressed that she was … Continue reading

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1,000,000 Hits on A Pilgrim in Narnia

A Pilgrim in Narnia has just now had its 1,000,000th hit! A million page views is right, according to WordPress analytics. After passing our 9th Anniversary last month, after 1,057 posts (this is number 1,058), this little sandbox of literary … Continue reading

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Anne of Green Gable’s Day at the Exhibition in Charlottetown (in Memory of Old Home Week)

Tonight is the night for the famous Gold Cup & Saucer race in Charlottetown. Every summer, the stands at the track are packed with racing fans following a week of races and the Exhibition–everything you can imagine in a town fair. … Continue reading

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So Much Love by Rebecca Rosenblum (A Review and 10-Minute Book Talk)

So Much Love is an exquisitely crafted book. It is the story of a twentysomething mature student, Catherine, a lover of books who finds her life patterned after the creative and tragic story of a local poet who was killed … Continue reading

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L.M. Montgomery, the Radio, and Nostalgia in the Podcast Age

This is a piece of writing I have been working on this spring. I even managed to pull in J.R.R. Tolkien on this reflection, and had to restrain myself there. The way writers of the post-WWI age both resisted technological … Continue reading

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Is L.M. Montgomery Canada’s Author?

In the L.M. Montgomery feature in Penguin’s Extraordinary Canadians series, novelist Jane Urquhart describes how Montgomery’s novels created a literary legacy in her small-town family. Urquhart’s grandmother’s Anne books “electrified” her mother’s childhood, adding “meaning and intensity even to the … Continue reading

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The MaudCast S01E03: Kate Scarth and the L.M. Montgomery Institute #LMMI2020

Hi folks, here the third episode of the MaudCast, the podcast of the L.M. Montgomery Institute. In the MaudCast’s quest to discover innovative scholarship about the life and works of Lucy Maud Montgomery, we welcome to the microphone leading academics, … Continue reading

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L.M. Montgomery Articles on A Pilgrim In Narnia #lmmi2020 #LMMontgomery

Including posts for the 2020 Vision Forum, the launch of the Maudcast, and my 2018 spring L.M. Montgomery series, I have published more than two dozen notes and articles on Montgomery and her work! And I still have a few … Continue reading

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The MaudCast S01E01: Lesley Clement and the Launch of the L.M. Montgomery Vision Forum #LMMI2020

Today is Day 1 of the L.M. Montgomery & Vision Forum–the virtual space for the 2020 L.M. Montgomery conference. The “2020 Vision Forum” is now open here. Today and through the week there will be scholarly presentations, creative projects, information on … Continue reading

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The L.M. Montgomery 2020 Vision Forum and the MaudCast Launch

It is a beautiful spring day here in Prince Edward Island–tilting solidly to summer, even. I have already done beach walks and my garden is mostly in, some of the usual signs of the season. One of the markers of … Continue reading

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