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How to Read All of C.S. Lewis’ Essays

A prodigious essayist, it is this area of C.S. Lewis’ work that I find the most provocative—even more so than the fiction and apologetics books (though there is overlap in the latter category). Whether inspirational or controversial, his brevity, clarity … Continue reading

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A Normal Day in C.S. Lewis’ Life as a Student

Though the halls of Oxford are not yet filled for Michaelmas term, University students and faculty are back to work here in North America. No doubt, students are already concerned about how much they can accomplish. As they hustle between … Continue reading

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C.S. Lewis’ Amazing Connections with Canada (A Canada Day Post)

It is Canada Day here in, well, it’s in the title, isn’t it? Canada Day is, unsurprisingly, celebrated in Canada, and by the millions of Canadians hidden secretly among the peoples of the world, waiting until the signal to rise … Continue reading

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C.S. Lewis’ Curmudgeonly Essay

If you were to judge only from the pieces he published in December 1957, you would assume that C.S. Lewis was a classic case, get-off-my-lawn, wide-jawed, beslippered, well aged, first class curmudgeon. In 1955, he had published a clever piece … Continue reading

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What Did C.S. Lewis do on his Birthdays? An Eleventy-Sixth Birthday Inquiry that Failed

On the occasion of his eleventy-seventh birthday, I thought I would replay a post I did on a previous birthday. Partly, it’s a way to capture this great thinker and writer on his birthday. It’s also partly to show deeply … Continue reading

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A Manuscript List and Timeline of The Screwtape Letters

A couple of weeks ago I had announced the publication of a surprising draft of a preface to The Screwtape Letters. This “Handwritten Preface” is a “Cosmic Find,” since it shows us that Lewis thought about including Screwtape in the … Continue reading

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C.S. Lewis’ Advice to Students When Everything Seems in Ruins

I was tempted to call this blog, “How to Keep from Being a Bore, an Ass, or a Villain.” You’ll see why very soon. It’s no secret that we live in disillusioning times. We are raising a generation with messages … Continue reading

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