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“Capes and Classes Optional” Guest Blog by Adam Mattern (Signum Series)

Adam Mattern works as a mild-mannered data analyst for a large networking company and is currently studying at Signum University for a M.A. in Language & Literature (concentration in Classical, Medieval & Renaissance Literature). He has love of pop geek-culture, … Continue reading

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“Stranger Things” Live Video Chat with @BrentonDana & @TolkienProf

Stranger Things is one of the hottest new series on Netflix this fall. My wife and I don’t always overlap in tastes, but this show drew us both in. We zoomed through the series in late night sittings, and I … Continue reading

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The Milk Carton Kids Live: Great Music for English Majors (Friday Feature)

If you don’t know, the Milk Carton Kids are an indie folk duo with Americana sensibilities. They’ve been on my playlist since I saw them on youtube on an NPR Tiny Desk concert. Kind of a Simon & Garfunkel for … Continue reading

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Word of the Day: “Trumpery”

“I have sold all my Trumpery: not a counterfeit Stone, not a Ribbon, Glass, Pomander, Brouch  to keep my Pack from fasting,” Shakespeare, Winter’s Tale IV.4.598 I came across a new word the other day: trumpery. I knew it was … Continue reading

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Announcement: “Getting Medieval With C.S. Lewis” A Theology on Tap with Chris Armstrong

One of my favourite speaking events ever was my “Hobbit’s Theology” talk at a Theology on Tap last winter. This is a local tradition where professors and wordsmiths share their leading discoveries at a “Research on Tap,” or where they talk … Continue reading

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Introducing The Mythgard Academy

As an independent scholar, I have the opportunity to work with a number of great schools. One of them is Signum University. SignumU is an established online university offering an MA in literature to a growing global community of adult learners. … Continue reading

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Canadian Thanksgiving; a Sonnet for my Canadian Friends

Originally posted on Malcolm Guite:
The True North Strong and Free (on the Victoria Ferry!) As this Monday 10th October is Thanksgiving Day in Canada I am posting here a sonnet for Thanksgiving which I have written for all  my…

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Giving Thanks

Originally posted on the traveller's path:
Here in Canada we are celebrating Thanksgiving this weekend. We don’t have the stories of the Pilgrims and the Mayflower, but we do have a wonderful tradition of giving thanks in this country…

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Why I am not Anglican: A Response to Rachel Held Evans

Why should I be, after all? Of all the many branches—or scattered splinters—of Christianity, why should I address this particular and peculiar English Episcopalian one? Some already assume that I am Anglican, simply because I am engaged in the project … Continue reading

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Why Religion Matters: A Mini-Vlog Series

One of the trade-offs of my recent vacation and research trip to the U.K. was that I had to miss the first week of classes. In our “Inquiry Studies” class we were simply doing introductions, so I joined the class … Continue reading

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