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Launch of Two L.M. Montgomery-Related Books: “L.M. Montgomery and Gender” and “The Summer Trade” (with MaudCast links)

Hi folks, I wanted to share a book launch announcement. This is a very local event–both in content and location–celebrating two quite different new books: L.M. Montgomery and Gender, edited by E. Holly Pike and Laura M. Robinson The Summer … Continue reading

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L.M. Montgomery’s The Story Girl, “Such Stuff as Dreams are Made On”: Chapter Reading, the L.M. Montgomery Readathon, a Montgomery Conference, and Other Things I am Working On (Friday Feature)

I thought I would use today’s “Feature Friday” segment of A Pilgrim in Narnia to highlight some L.M. Montgomery adventures this spring and in the months ahead. My Chapter Reading for the L.M. Montgomery Readathon For the L.M. Montgomery Readathon … Continue reading

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The Literary Magic of L.M. Montgomery’s Storied Domains: The King Orchard and The Story Girl

While Lucy Maud Montgomery was a prodigious journal-keeper, leaving us thousands of pages of material to study in the decades after her death, she was far less dedicated as a memoirist. Thus, it is sometimes hard to know how to … Continue reading

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L.M. Montgomery’s After Many Years, and Thoughts on Reading Montgomery’s Short Stories

As L.M. Montgomery was a consummate storyteller, it is lovely when we get the occasional pleasure of a new L.M. Montgomery story collection. We must admit to an embarrassment of riches when it comes to access to Montgomery’s short stories. … Continue reading

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A Note on “Kindred Verse: Poems Inspired by Anne of Green Gables” by Julie A. Sellers

Kindred Verse: Poems Inspired by Anne of Green Gables by Julie A. Sellers My rating: 4 of 5 stars This is more than just a chapbook of verse–as happy as I am that Blue Cedar Press is committed to publishing … Continue reading

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Happy Birthday L.M. Montgomery! Born on Prince Edward Island’s Imaginative North Shore

Despite its global celebrity, Prince Edward Island’s north shore remains a largely unknown treasure. With hundreds of inlets, creeks, wharves, harbours, river valleys, hillside views, and quaint communities to explore, visitors who come here expecting to “see the Island” in … Continue reading

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“The Poetry of Lucy Maud Montgomery” and the Critical Virtue and Vice of Editors

One of the earlier biographers of C.S. Lewis, Chad Walsh once said that although Lewis was not a poet of greatness, he was (and remains) an interesting poet. This observation is relevant for many of the early-to-mid-20th century authors I … Continue reading

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CSL:LMM, C.S. Lewis and L.M. Montgomery (Throwback Thursday)

At A Pilgrim in Narnia, we have an occasional feature called “Throwback Thursday.” By raiding either my own blog-hoard or someone else’s, I find a blog post from the past and throw it back out into the digital world. This … Continue reading

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A Very Merry MaudCast, and Fireside Poetry for Winter Solstice

I must admit that this calendar year, 2020, is one upon which I will be pleased to turn the calendar. Among many of the terrible, terrible events of 2020–events that sound more like the Apocalypse or a Creedance Clearwater Revival … Continue reading

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MaudCast S01E06: Carolyn Strom Collins and the Anne of Green Gables Manuscript

Recently, I was privileged to sit down with Carolyn Strom Collins for an interview about her work. Carolyn is an author and independent scholar, having written and edited books and articles on L.M. Montgomery (you can see her Montgomery Studies … Continue reading

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