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C.S. Lewis’ “Religion and Science” in the Saturday Evening Telegraph (Friday Feature)

Dominic Russell (@historytalker) recently posted a couple of pics clipped from the Saturday Evening Telegraph. This included two of C.S. Lewis’ short pieces from 1945, including “Work and Prayer” and this clever piece, “Religion and Science.” In a smoking room dialogue, … Continue reading

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“The Hobbit” read by Rob Inglis $4 @audible_com Deal of the Day

The Hobbit is pretty nearly an annual read for my family, and we have listened to Rob Inglis’ unabridged reading on CD. His singing of the poetry isn’t amazing–though better than my making up songs and singing them to Nicolas when … Continue reading

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It’s Time Travel Night

While many simply call today the end of daylight saving(s) time (or the end of summer time in weird places), we who love science fiction call it time travel night. You are welcome to get up at 2:00 am and change … Continue reading

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A History of Magic with J. K. Rowling (A New BBC Documentary)

Just in time for Hallowe’en, and in concert with the British Library’s “Harry Potter: A History of Magic” exhibit, BBC has produced an hour-long Potterlicious documentary. I saw this film on Twitter yesterday, and thought it was worth sharing–and not … Continue reading

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Stranger Thing Season 2, October 27

Stranger Things season 2 drops this weekend. I’m not the only one who is excited. Stranger Things won the Best Ensemble Drama at the 2017 Screen Actor’s Guild Awards, as well as MTV’s TV Show of the Year and a few Emmys. Clearly, … Continue reading

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CFP: “L.M. Montgomery and Reading” Conference in Prince Edward Island

Living on the extreme end of the continent has its perks. Besides a rich culture, gorgeous beaches, and something we call weather–sorry folks, most of you don’t have weather–we in Prince Edward Island also have Anne of Green Gables. It’s true, it … Continue reading

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Greatest Shakespeare Post Ever: The Top 50 Shakespeare Insults

Readers of Shakespeare know that the Bard wrote with a wink and a burn. The reason most schools put off teaching Shakespeare until high school isn’t just the difficulty of language, but that it is awkward for teachers to explain … Continue reading

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