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Castles in the Air: A Teen’s Dream of Publishing

Throughout their entire lives, C.S. (Jack) Lewis and his good friend Arthur Greeves carry on a conversation about books. But they also had a conversation about writing with one another. Jack sent Arthur his early work–a chapter in each letter, … Continue reading

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What is a Star? The Ramandu Quote in “The Dawn Treader”

With my seven-year-old I am reading The Voyage of the Dawn Treader, C.S. Lewis’ third Narnian chronicle. Every time I read it, this scene jumps out at me both in its imaginative dept–“I am not so old now as I … Continue reading

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(Re-Post) A Virtual Mentor: My Review of the C.S. Lewis Class at RTS by Knox Chamblin

I received news yesterday that Dr. Knox Chamblin of Reformed Theological Seminary had passed away after battling cancer. I truly enjoyed his C.S. Lewis class (available free on iTunesU), so I decided to republish this blog to encourage readers to … Continue reading

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70th Anniversary of the Screwtape Letters: A Nefarious Nod to our Favourite Degenerate Demon

I am never great at remembering birthdays (my mother-in-law’s b’day is tomorrow) or Valentine’s Day (as I wrote about here, pp. ), but I remembered that obscure anniversary that is the 70th anniversary of the publication of The Screwtape Letters … Continue reading

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Screwtape Writes Again: A Note on Contemporary Screwtape Letters

I have the opportunity to use C.S. Lewis’ The Screwtape Letters in an undergraduate class. One of the assignments that I give them is to create a “Screwtape Letter for a New Generation”—their own, unique, contemporary spiritual formation advice or … Continue reading

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Lewis’ Teenage Social Conscience

Lewis was no socialist–by the time he was entrenched into Oxford university life after the war, he called them “damn socialists”–but there is a moment in his letters as an 18 year old where we see the hint of social … Continue reading

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Link: Screwtape Proposes a Toast from the Saturday Evening Post (1959)

Nearly two decades after the work that secured his fame as a public Christian intellectual, C.S. Lewis wrote a follow up to The Screwtape Letters. I have read that Lewis was repeatedly asked to create a Screwtape sequel, but it … Continue reading

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