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The Lost-But-Found Works of C.S. Lewis

Once, I had a couple of hours in London before I had to catch a train up to Chester. I only know London through books and movie; no one will be surprised that Sherlock and Charles Dickens do not make … Continue reading

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C.S. Lewis Manuscript Collections and Reading Rooms

Whether you are new to C.S. Lewis and the Inklings or a long time reader, there are some resources spaces available that can augment your reading project. Researchers and biographers have learned to find the C.S. Lewis manuscript collections, but there … Continue reading

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Holy Saturday: Stations XIII and XIV

Originally posted on Malcolm Guite: Holy Saturday is a strange, still day, hanging in an unresolved poise between the darkness of the day before and the light that is not yet with us. It has its own patterns and…

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Announcement: Mythologies of Love and Sex (Signum University Class)

I am truly pleased to be offering a course at Signum University this coming Spring. Running from the beginning of May through the end of July, I am teaching on “Mythologies of Love and Sex.” These are the great myths at … Continue reading

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David Foster Wallace’s Parody of Donald Trump’s Presidential Run

True, David Foster Wallace died in 2008, long before the Donald even considered running. It is also true that Infinite Jest–the impossibly long and challenging masterpiece by Wallace that I have committed to read this spring–was written in 1996. Usually parodies are … Continue reading

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Breaking The Fourth Wall: A Deadpool blog (Sort of)

My son has entered the blogging world. At age 11, his interests are pretty specific. I thought this is a pretty neat concept when it comes to world building. I’d encourage you to check out “Cole’s” blog and give him … Continue reading

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How You Can Read C.S. Lewis Chronologically

Last week I was pleased to post that I had finished reading through C.S. Lewis’ works chronologically–from his earliest childhood letters and those precocious Boxen stories to his last letters, essays, poems, and books. On Tuesday I gave some of the … Continue reading

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