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Dorothy Sayers’ Sluckdrib Letter: The First Screwtape Copycat

In preparing for a paper on teaching The Screwtape Letters for the C.S. Lewis and the Inklings Colloquium at Taylor University this Spring, I thought I had discovered the first Screwtapian letter written by someone other than C.S. Lewis. A … Continue reading

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A Narnian Thought on Giant Faith

I think sometimes Christians forget how very strange their beliefs are. I don’t mean this offensively–unlike Richard Dawkins, I don’t think belief is delusional. Quite the opposite, actually. What I mean is that the cultural starting point of faith doesn’t … Continue reading

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The Devil is the Don: Critiques of C.S. Lewis in Time, 1947

On September 8, 1947, C.S. Lewis graced the cover of Time Magazine, a kind of Christian celebrity showcased in an article called “Don v. Devil”—a play on his status as an Oxford don (like a university lecturer) made famous by … Continue reading

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Guest Blog by Ella Ramsay: Does Screwtape Tell the Truth about Wormwood? An Analysis of Lewis’ Epistolary Style

 Ella Ramsay is a student at Colonel Gray High School and wrote this literary critique of The Screwtape Letters as part of her extended essay requirements for the International Baccalaureate program. Abstract The essay will analyze how accurately Wormwood is described … Continue reading

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Lewis Finds at the Graveside of a Bookstore

In the glorious sunshine of an early Spring, I tripped down Barrington Street in Halifax with my family. We left the Discovery Centre–the Grossology exhibit was a hit with my son–and moved toward the historic sandstone building occupied by John … Continue reading

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Marching as to War: Lewis on His Way to the Front Line

As I began to read Lewis’ wartime letters in 1917-1918 (The Collected Letters, vol. 1), I was struck by the casual tone of his experience. Lewis entered WWI strategically, enlisting before he was conscripted, giving him some options for placement … Continue reading

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Peals of Laughter: Humorous Writing for Children

I’m reading The Silver Chair to my seven-year-old son, an evening ritual we both cherish, even though he is old enough to read to himself. I’ve always admired Lewis for his understanding of how to write for children–in short, not … Continue reading

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“As Long as We’ve Got Each Other”: Or Why Kirk Cameron Should Read “The Four Loves”

My wife is probably going to kill me for this one, but I’m going to offer a critique of teenage heartthrob, Kirk Cameron. It’s true, he is no longer a teen idol, and I think my wife’s pubescent crush has … Continue reading

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Is There More Than There Is? The Question Before All Answers

This article is the first in a three-part series on the question of whether or not there is more to this universe than what we can observe. The first installment asks the question, the second shows C.S. Lewis’ controversial answer … Continue reading

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“Jill Pole Was Crying Behind the Gym”: Bullying at the Experiment House

I’ve written before about Lewis’ lifelong struggle with bullies, and my own reflection on what I think is at the core of bullying, but I just happened to read this passage today–a “pink shirt” day dedicated to stopping bullying. My … Continue reading

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