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When You Reach Me: A New Kind of Intertextuality?

There isn’t much overlap between my wife and me when it comes to reading. A few books have been passed between us, such as The Secret Life of Bees and The Help. But Kerry does not prefer literary fiction or … Continue reading

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What Did C.S. Lewis do on his Birthdays? An Eleventy-Sixth Birthday Inquiry that Failed

On the occasion of his eleventy-seventh birthday, I thought I would replay a post I did on a previous birthday. Partly, it’s a way to capture this great thinker and writer on his birthday. It’s also partly to show deeply … Continue reading

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Why I am Not Anti-Muslim

This is the phrase I put on the board for my students last week. They were not overly fond of my logic. But I had built us up to the moment. I noted a number of terrorist attacks from the … Continue reading

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“God and Charles Dickens” by Gary L. Colledge: A Review

From The Christmas Carol to The Tale of Two Cities and Oliver Twist, the Anglo-American social conscience has been challenged by the prolific 19th century journalist Charles Dickens. While Dickens’ social morality is immediately evidence, Gary Colledge also argues that … Continue reading

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A Manuscript List and Timeline of The Screwtape Letters

A couple of weeks ago I had announced the publication of a surprising draft of a preface to The Screwtape Letters. This “Handwritten Preface” is a “Cosmic Find,” since it shows us that Lewis thought about including Screwtape in the … Continue reading

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C.S. Lewis on the Paris Attacks

Many of us were struck by the events in the legendary city of Paris on Friday night. As Parisians settled into cafes, filed into theatre seats, and gathered by the tens of thousands at the soccer stadium, seven young men … Continue reading

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Plagiarizing Screwtape

Originally posted on Mere Inkling Press:
How many letters have you read that were penned in the tradition of C.S. Lewis’ groundbreaking Screwtape Letters? If you’re a fan of the collection, you’ve probably read similar correspondence that owed its very…

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The Transformative Power of Memory: Lewis and the Great Wars

The first reader of C.S. Lewis’ autobiography, Surprised by Joy, might be puzzled by the fact that WWI—the catastrophe that decided the fate of so many of Europe’s great thinkers and artists and inventors—makes up very little of Lewis’ narrative. … Continue reading

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Teaching Screwtape for a New Generation: My Conference Talk & Paper

We are moving well along in our series on C.S. Lewis’ The Screwtapee Letters. I have written reviews and will write at least one more. I have asked questions about influences and genre, and looked at Screwtape copycats–including demonic memos by Charles Williams and Dorothy … Continue reading

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Dorothy Sayers’ Sluckdrib Letter: Not The First Screwtape Copycat … But Close

In preparing for a paper on teaching The Screwtape Letters for the C.S. Lewis and the Inklings Colloquium at Taylor University back in 2012, I thought I had discovered the first Screwtapian letter written by someone other than C.S. Lewis. … Continue reading

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