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Forgiving a Bully: Lewis’ Lifelong Struggle

I came across this comment in Letters to an American Lady. In Surprised by Joy, Lewis shows great generosity for the schoolmaster who quite brutal to him and others–I describe here in “On the Nobody Somebody Has Inside: Lewis, Me, … Continue reading

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The Marriage of Now and Then: A Review of C.S. Lewis’ The Great Divorce

Last spring, after I read Rob Bell’s bestseller Love Wins, I knew I had to go back to C.S. Lewis’ The Great Divorce. Though often missed by reviewers, Bell’s work is shot through with Lewis’ influence. My first encounter with … Continue reading

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Imaginary Worlds: A Review of Bridge to Terabithia

Imaginary worlds are common trade now. Our world is linked to others through secret passages or magic portholes or, in the case of Philip Pullman’s His Dark Materials (the Golden Compass) the worlds are bridged by intricate tears in the … Continue reading

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On the Nobody Somebody Has Inside: Lewis, Me, and Bullies

By all accounts, C.S. (Jack) Lewis was bullied badly in the English private school that he was subjected to as a child. His first school, Wynyard, had a headmaster as a bully. Robert Capron, nicknamed “Oldie” by the Lewis boys, … Continue reading

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Caedmon’s Call, “The High Countries”

A bus station, in the steam from the rain In this line of pale strangers, should I go or stay? The whole field of vision, fades beneath me now And the houses spread for a million miles, in this gray … Continue reading

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On Work and Pay

“I’ve been made a Professor at Cambridge, which will mean less work and therefore of course (’tis the way of the world) more pay” (C.S. Lewis, Letters to an American Lady, 31; Sep 19, 1954)

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The Pilgrim’s Regress and the Reader’s Progress

As much as I always love it, reading Lewis occasionally reminds me of how I’m so deficient in “the literary canon”—the great pieces of literature that everyone has read; a.k.a., the books I should have read already. All too often … Continue reading

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Lewis’ Voice Beyond the Grave

As far as I can tell, of all the BBC talks that C.S. Lewis has given only one has survived: Beyond Personality, from 1944. It is one of Lewis’ thoughts about God and time, in this case about the idea … Continue reading

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The Art of Letter Writing in the Digital Age

I have always been fascinated with the art of letter writing but have always failed at actually doing it. I yearn for rich, paper correspondence, where my ideas can be later—much later, I hope—dissected and the me I leave behind … Continue reading

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