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Fun With Stats 1: Lessons on Growth from 5 Years of Blogging

One of the critical advantages of WordPress is that it offers the blogger tools for calculating their impact. It is also one of its critical weaknesses as the analytics are limited to daily visitor and hit counts, as well as … Continue reading

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Murder in the Morning

Crows mock the coming of the day heckling every suggestion of light filling every inch of naked twig on bare poplar flung dangerously to the sky and on leafless maples which in summer or fall are watercolour forms of things children … Continue reading

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Teaching Students to Ask Their Own Questions, with the Right Question Institute

After a teaching foundations course (theory), my first college course in teacher prep was “Teaching Methods.” Ever since, I have loved the diversity of ways that we can draw a group of people to a moment of discovery. I am … Continue reading

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Treading Upon the Sacred: A Guest Post on Writing by Judy Carlson

Readers of A Pilgrim in Narnia know that I like to feature indie and small-press authors from time to time. Judy Carlson’s The White Knight, the Lost Kingdom, and the Sea Princess was published by Nordskog in 2015. Here she reflects upon … Continue reading

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A Lament for the Loss of Young Teachers

Last week I wrote a post about the problems of the lack of women in academic publishing, using my favourite publisher, Zondervan, as a test case for the conversation. Senior editor Katya Covrett responded, setting the problem of academic publishing … Continue reading

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What I Learned about Gender (and Diversity) from Christian Academic Publishing by Katya Covrett

I recently shared on A Pilgrim in Narnia “What I Learned about Gender from the Zondervan Catalogue.” I noted that only 1 in 10 authors advertised by my favourite academic publisher were women. I set the context of a male-dominated … Continue reading

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A 3 Day Novel Contest Post-mortem: Thoughts After my 7th 3DNC

For the 7th consecutive year I have been a contestant in the International 3-Day Novel Writing Contest. This is literally the exercise of writing a full novel in 72 hours. No extensions, no extra time, no time outs. This is … Continue reading

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