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Trees, Leaves, Vines, Circles: Reading and Writing The Layered Worlds of J.R.R. Tolkien’s Fiction: A Note on “Athrabeth Finrod ah Andreth” and “Leaf by Niggle”

When I was teaching J.R.R. Tolkien‘s “Athrabeth Finrod ah Andreth” for the first time a couple of years ago, we had a strong conversation around the “Debate between Finrod and Andreth.” For those who have not yet discovered it, the … Continue reading

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5 Ways to Find Open Source Academic Research on C.S. Lewis, J.R.R. Tolkien, and the Inklings

“Why don’t you monetize your blog?” I am asked this question with some frequency by caring folks who see me slogging it out here, week after week, producing well-researched imaginative and literary resources for some of the great storytellers of … Continue reading

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Experimenting on Students: A Thought about Playfulness and Personal Connection in Teaching

I recently recorded a couple of lectures in my role as “Distinguished Lecturer in Romantic Theology” in the innovative Doctor in Theology and Ministry at Northwind Seminary. A heady title! I wanted to take the role seriously and do something … Continue reading

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Full Video of “Inklings of Imagination,” My Conversation in Romania with Kirstin Jeffrey Johnson and Malcolm Guite at the C.S. Lewis and Kindred Spirits Society

This was such an excellent afternoon–afternoon for me, but evening for the folks in Iași,  Romania and the hundreds of folks that joined us in 15 other nations in the world. The C. S. Lewis and Kindred Spirits Society has … Continue reading

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Lewis and Tolkien among American Evangelicals: Guest Post by G. Connor Salter (Lewis Scholarship Series)

This guest blog by G. Connor Salter is a response to a series of pieces called “Why is Tolkien Scholarship Stronger than Lewis Scholarship?” (see parts 1, 2, and 3). There are some deep conversations within the comments section of … Continue reading

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What if you were held accountable for every word you ever said?” Malcolm Guite on CBC’s Tapestry with Mary Hynes (Feature Friday)

I am part of a great session in Eastern Europe on imagination and the Inklings later today (7pm East Europe time; 12noon Eastern EST) with poet-theologian Malcolm Guite and George MacDonald scholar and life-rich resonator, Kirstin Jeffrey Johnson. You can … Continue reading

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Join Me in Romania on Friday with Kirstin Jeffrey Johnson and Malcolm Guite: C. S. Lewis and Kindred Spirits

It is not often I am thinking about Eastern European time! However, this Friday, on April 23rd at 7 pm EEST, I will be speaking to the C. S. Lewis and Kindred Spirits Society, which has connections in Romania and … Continue reading

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Near-Inkling Martyn Skinner’s Near-Future Pandemic Poem: A Reading by Dale Nelson

Old Rectory or The Interview by Martyn Skinner.  Wilton, Salisbury, Wiltshire: Michael Russell Ltd., 1984.  107 pages. Luke, known as Old Rectory, took up the hermit’s life many years ago, even before the time of the pandemic that sprang from … Continue reading

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Biography of Dr. Brenton Dickieson

Brenton D.G. Dickieson (BA, MCS, PhD) For fifteen years, Brenton Dickieson (PhD, Chester, 2020) has taught at the University of Prince Edward Island. Returning to the home of his undergraduate studies in 2006, he is now the Lecturer in Theology … Continue reading

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The Romantic Theology Doctorate (DTM) at Northwind Seminary

Hi friends. As some of you know, I do a lot of teaching online. Beyond my local teaching, I have been a distance education instructor in a variety of forms for 16 years now. Continuing a series from last year, … Continue reading

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