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The Society of Tim

Given the weightier matter of late–an academic review, a short story C.S. Lewis wrote that ends in a gruesome death, and Lewis’ strained relationship with his father–I thought it might be appropriate to lighten things up with some humour. I’m … Continue reading

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Shedding Light on Lost Manuscripts: A Review of Charlie Starr’s “Light”

           It was by instinct that I went to the Wade archive for C.S. Lewis this past summer. I didn’t know what I would find, and when I got there the project I had proposed pretty much fell flat. But … Continue reading

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The Surprising Danger of Light

Years ago I remember watching the Val Kilmer film At First Sight. I’ve attached the trailer below; it is a basic boy-meets-girl story with an intriguing premise. A fifty-year-old man has been blind since childhood, but is offered sight through … Continue reading

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The Absence of Presence: C.S. Lewis’ Strained Relationship with his Father

I have written another blog on the death of C.S. Lewis’ mother and the haunting role it played in his life. Quite apart from the absence of his mother, her dead led to an unexpected consequence: a strain in his … Continue reading

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The Narnia Code: A Pre-Review to a Key Idea

I know, I know: there is no such thing as a pre-review. But I’m stuck between two pressing realities. Facing me is the fact that Michael Ward’s argument in Planet Narnia and The Narnia Code is absolutely key to how … Continue reading

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Friendship Facing Forward

Our national broadcaster recently had a show about colossally bad first dates. There were your classic stories, from the lack of a spark to the instantaneous stalker. One of the stories was of a guy who asked a girl out … Continue reading

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“Once Upon a Dreary Era”: A Review of Peter Kreeft’s Critical Essay On C.S. Lewis

Anyone who has heard a lecture from the characteristic voice of Peter Kreeft—and there are a number available free on iTunesU—will hear his humour behind the words of his dozens of books. His books are typically serious. Kreeft is a … Continue reading

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Accidental Riddles in the Invisible Dark (The Hobbit Read-Along, Chapter 5)

This blog is part of The Hobbit Read-Along at The Warden’s Walk. I’ve been assigned Chapter 5: Riddles in the Dark. Feel free to comment on any of the blogs in the series. Here is a riddle for you: Besides … Continue reading

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A Tribute to a Mentor

No one was more formative to the thinking of the young C.S. Lewis than William Thompson Kirkpatrick. Lovingly dubbed “The Great Knock” by the Lewis family, Kirkpatrick absolutely transformed Lewis’ way of thinking and set him on his academic trajectory. … Continue reading

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Hitlerian Haunting in Screwtapian Logic

One of the fun things about working in The Screwtape Letters manuscript history–as I have been doing for the last few months–is that the story of Screwtape has so many interesting twists and turns. The Screwtape Letters was the book … Continue reading

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