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C.S. Lewis Book Launches: Katherine Langrish’s Journey to Narnia “From Spare Oom to War Drobe” and Michael Ward’s Guide to the Abolition of Man “After Humanity” (Full Videos)

Hello Lewis readers! I shared some recent events announcements, including a couple of new C.S. Lewis studies book launches. Each of these events was well worth the time, filled with thoughtful conversation in what seem like creative, accessible, and high-quality … Continue reading

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Three Online C.S. Lewis Events (Katherine Langrish on Narnia, Michael Ward on the Abolition of Man, Anthony Lawton’s The Great Divorce) + Bonus Events: Mythcon, the Tolkien Society, L.M. Montgomery Reading Events

Mythmoot VIII (Jun 24-27) I shared last week about Mythmoot VIII, coming next weekend (June 24-27–a hybrid online/local event). I am busily working on my keynote speech and I hope I will see you there. But I wanted to take … Continue reading

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5 Affordable Ways to Purchase Digital Books By and About C.S. Lewis

It is true for me that there is no pleasure quite like pulling a book off the shelf, flipping to the first page, and wandering into a new world of ideas or imagination. Whether this is a new adventure or … Continue reading

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5 Ways to Find Open Source Academic Research on C.S. Lewis, J.R.R. Tolkien, and the Inklings

“Why don’t you monetize your blog?” I am asked this question with some frequency by caring folks who see me slogging it out here, week after week, producing well-researched imaginative and literary resources for some of the great storytellers of … Continue reading

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Novels by Christians Worth Reading

Originally posted on G. Connor Salter:
Some time ago I started a list of (mostly) nonfiction books that described the evangelical struggle with the arts or how to do art well from a Christian perspective. Since I recently did a…

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Experimenting on Students: A Thought about Playfulness and Personal Connection in Teaching

I recently recorded a couple of lectures in my role as “Distinguished Lecturer in Romantic Theology” in the innovative Doctor in Theology and Ministry at Northwind Seminary. A heady title! I wanted to take the role seriously and do something … Continue reading

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Have an extra $30,000/£22,000? 1st Edition of That Hideous Strength signed by C.S. Lewis for George Orwell–With Some Notes on Collecting C.S. Lewis

Does anyone have $30,000 USD they’d like to donate to a good cause? That’s $36,373.00 Canadian, if you are keeping track, or £22,006.50 if you are from that original land of story. If you do, you might want to consider … Continue reading

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An Old Pictorial Map of Central Oxford (Are There Links to C.S. Lewis’ Fiction?)

A couple of months ago, I wrote about “‘The Country Around Edgestow’: A Map from C.S. Lewis’ That Hideous Strength by Tim Kirk.” Tim Kirk’s fantasy map was part of an early Mythlore article, “Arthurian & Cosmic Myth in That … Continue reading

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A Thought on Unruly Wisdom on a Writing Day

Today is a writing day. It astounds me that, as a writer, I find setting aside an entire 9-hour workday for writing difficult. Even today, there was a cat to feed, a fire to light, lunches to make, emails to … Continue reading

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Full Video of “Inklings of Imagination,” My Conversation in Romania with Kirstin Jeffrey Johnson and Malcolm Guite at the C.S. Lewis and Kindred Spirits Society

This was such an excellent afternoon–afternoon for me, but evening for the folks in Iași,  Romania and the hundreds of folks that joined us in 15 other nations in the world. The C. S. Lewis and Kindred Spirits Society has … Continue reading

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