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On The Importance of Having a Permit, Or Truth-Telling and Our Response to Charlottesville

I am a university teacher, and my classroom is a space for many views. It is not quite a “safe space” for any idea. As a participant in the discussion, you would be responsible for slander or plagiarism. You could … Continue reading

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Signum University Fall Registration

Originally posted on The Oddest Inkling:
Hear ye, hear ye! Fall 2017 registration at Signum University is open! Come peruse our lineup of marvelous classes and make your Sophie’s choice among them – or bravely refuse to do any such thing and simply…

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WANTED: Fantasy/Science Fiction/Pop Culture Preceptor @SignumU

The Department of Language & Literature at Signum University is currently seeking preceptors to join the faculty team in our Imaginative Literature concentration. What Does a Preceptor Do? The purpose of the position of Preceptor is to support the instruction of language and literature … Continue reading

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Malcolm Guite on Joy, Word, and Mythopoeia in J.R.R. Tolkien and the Inklings (Feature Friday)

I have talked about the value of Malcolm Guite’s work as a poet, theologian, and C.S. Lewis critic. Someone recently shared with me the linked video, and I responded by saying that I would make theology students watch this video. … Continue reading

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Shadows of Shadows of Ecstasy: An Irresponsible Suggestion about Charles Williams’ First Novel

With Relief… I have rarely been as relieved to complete a novel as Shadows of Ecstasy by Charles Williams. I knew very little about it going in, but wanted to read through his seven “supernatural potboilers” over the next year … Continue reading

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Maybe Today: A Fire Pit Fatherhood Story

Our family fire pit has just rusted out, so I thought I would share my story of feeling and procrastination, first published in my fatherhood column for Maritime Family Magazine. I have what is, for all intents and purposes, an imaginary … Continue reading

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The Three Day Thesis

Inspired by my great experiences with the International 3 Day Novel Contest and the 3 Minute Thesis challenges that have been popping up here and there, I decided to slice off 3 days for just thesis work. No, I don’t … Continue reading

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