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“The Hobbit” read by Rob Inglis $4 @audible_com Deal of the Day

The Hobbit is pretty nearly an annual read for my family, and we have listened to Rob Inglis’ unabridged reading on CD. His singing of the poetry isn’t amazing–though better than my making up songs and singing them to Nicolas when … Continue reading

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CFP: “L.M. Montgomery and Reading” Conference in Prince Edward Island

Living on the extreme end of the continent has its perks. Besides a rich culture, gorgeous beaches, and something we call weather–sorry folks, most of you don’t have weather–we in Prince Edward Island also have Anne of Green Gables. It’s true, it … Continue reading

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A 20th Anniversary Post to Kerry

Today is my 20th anniversary! Our house this morning was not a La La Land set, but filled the mundane tasks of laundry, breakfast, and off to school. As much as I would expect all the world to break out … Continue reading

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“New Every Morning” by Jessica Shaver Renshaw, a Review

I am at the point in my PhD on C.S. Lewis where everything is narrowing to a point. I have a number of canonical lists pinned up on a bulletin board next to my desk. These are lists of SF, … Continue reading

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The PEI Bomb Threat and the Politics of Twitter

Just a little while ago I was writing away in my campus office and a policeman tells me we are evacuating. This is a strange message to get in the land of Anne of Green Gables, this getaway Island of … Continue reading

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Even on Chairs of Bronze

I was walking from my in-law’s house to work the other day. It is longer than my normal commute by foot, but is no great punishment. Prince Edward Island, when not beset by winter storms that are just starting to … Continue reading

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The Orphan Story Tumbles Home: A Review of Lois Lowry’s “The Willoughbys”

Everyone loves a good orphan story—or that’s what we must assume, given the popularity of them. I’ve only ever pretended to read Anne of Green Gables (I saw all 4 movies) and Heidi (I read the Classics Illustrated comic), but … Continue reading

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