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Bullies Then and Now: Bullying’s Effect on Everyday Life

I’ve written on the struggles C.S. Lewis had growing up with bullies–it really was a lifelong struggle–and we see from time to time how Lewis captures the victim’s feelings in fiction, like when “Jill Pole was crying behind the gym” … Continue reading

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Lost and Found Writers at the Altars of Hope

Stephen King claims in his writing memoir, On Writing, that he used to collect his rejection letters from publishers on a nail in his attic. When the weight of the dozens of rejections became too much for the nail, he … Continue reading

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Tolstoy’s “Religion and Morality”

In a post responding to the firestorm or criticism in the America media regarding Kirk Cameron’s understanding of homosexuality, I offered a critique of the media’s simplistic response, but focused on a critique of Cameron. I argued, specifically, that he … Continue reading

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We’ll Have a Gay Old Time, or Why New Bible Translations Are Needed

Who could forget the Yabba Dabba delicious Flintstones theme—that dangerously overweight but surprisingly nimble Stone Age construction worker with anger issues and his car crammed full with the kids, the pets, and the Rubbles. As they pull into the drive … Continue reading

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Lost in Translation: Finding the Right Bible for You

I first wrote this article a few years ago for New Horizons, a feature for young people looking at Christian undergraduate education. It has disappeared from the digital world, so I thought I’d post it again, slightly updated. Finding a … Continue reading

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Four Views on the Spectrum of Evangelicalism: A Confessional Review

I read Four Views on the Spectrum of Evangelicalism quite by accident, and at a time when I should have been attending to other matters—in particular, getting assignments back to my students in a timely manner. I asked Zondervan for … Continue reading

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