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Pilgrims and Slaves in the Valley of Contemporary Culture

To wander into C.S. Lewis’ fictional worlds is almost always to accompany characters on a journey in that world. All the Narnian stories, I think, have characters on long treks, moving from one place to another. It might be the … Continue reading

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There is No Such Thing As Space

There is no such thing as Space. I don’t just mean physically. I suppose, in the physical sense, there is no such thing as “space”: it is the non-stuff between stuff, at the very most. But even space in this … Continue reading

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Worst Book Description Ever … And a Note on Cover Art for “Out of the Silent Planet”

After five years away from C.S. Lewis’ Space Trilogy–or, as I prefer to call it, his Ransom Trilogy, since not all the books occur in space–because of my current research I decided to pick it up again. Since I have … Continue reading

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Letters to an Oxonian Lady: C.S. Lewis’ Relationship with Mary Neylan

In a recent trip to the Wade Center, a literary archive of C.S. Lewis and the Inklings in Wheaton, IL, I read an original C.S. Lewis letter to a young student while he was an Oxford don. In June of … Continue reading

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The Marion E. Wade Center: An Archive Review

Though I’ve written dozens of book and album reviews, I’m certain I’ve never reviewed a library before. The Marion E. Wade Center, however, is not just another library. Housed at Wheaton College in the Southwest suburbs of Chicago, The Wade … Continue reading

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Teaching Screwtape for a New Generation at CSLIS Colloquium

I am fully enjoying my weekend at the C.S. Lewis and the Inklings Colloquium at Taylor University in Indiana. My brain is full with idea from the dozens of workshops, but what is really thrilling is the setting for conversation. … Continue reading

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