“A Pilgrim in Narnia” is a blog project in reading and talking about the work of C.S. Lewis and the worlds he touched, like children’s literature, apologetics, myths and mythology, fantasy, theology, cultural critique, and writing, as well as the work of his fellow Inklings J.R.R. Tolkien and Charles Williams.

Personally, Lewis’ work draws me in. From the The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe as contraband Christian theology in my childhood to the clarity of his thinking in The Screwtape Letters or Mere Christianity, I am invited into Lewis’ Narnia, his world where the real is more than touch and taste and scent, where it is increasingly evident there is more than there is and there is meaning behind that is-ness. This blog includes my thoughts as I read through his work and reflect on my own life and culture. In this sense, I am a Pilgrim in Narnia. If something here captures your imagination, leave a comment, “like” a post, share with your friends, or sign up to receive Narnian Pilgrim posts in your email box.

Brenton Dickieson is a father, husband, friend, university lecturer, and freelance writer from Prince Edward Island, Canada. You can follow him on Twitter, @BrentonDana.

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  1. Callum Beck says:

    Earl Palmer did a lecture series on the loves that I listened to about 30 years ago. I actually think it was better than Lewis’s book. But his book on love was not as strong.


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    • I interviewed Earl a few years ago It was a farcical interview, a spoof, but he didn’t miss a beat Very bright guy


    • I know that series! I had it on audiocassette up until a few years ago, when it broke in my car’s player. I thought it an excellent exposition of Lewis’ theology and humanity. I attended University Presbyterian Church in Seattle, where Earl was pastor for many years, and enjoyed his incorporation of all the Inklings in his sermons.

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  2. Perfectly composed articles , thankyou for entropy.

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  3. Hey thanks for liking my lewis and boethius post over at gratefultothedead.wordpress.com. Ive written a bunch there on lewis over the years. By the way, i’m a fellow Maritimer. Grew up in Nova Scotia.


    • Hey, nice to meet you. What part of NS? My fam’s in Antigonish, though I’m in PEI.
      I have seen things on your blog, and saw a post on Boethius before. I don’t know him well, and am backfilling my medieval gaps. Thanks for the paper.


  4. Hey there Brenton, or Pilgrim (whichever you prefer)! Just found your blog during a C.S. Lewis search. Love the concept for your project, being an avid fan of the Inklings myself. I look forward to perusing the archives! – Jer


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  6. mamacardinal says:

    What a fascinating concept! Very inspiring to this new blogger. Thank you for sharing.


  7. Thank you for the follow! Your site looks so appealing, I can’t wait to read it.


  8. Narnia is one of this professor’s favorites. I like Horse and his Boy best. How about you?

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  9. andriaparker says:

    Beautiful blog concept; full intentions of devouring the entire thing! xx


  10. Stephen Raw says:

    So much interesting material Brenton. I loved reading Narnia tales to my three. Glad to read that your kids have ‘Lord of the Rings’ maps on their wall. Forgive me that this sounds like a hard sell but you never know – one day you may persuade friends to give you a set of a limited edition I drew for the book under the tutelage of Christopher Tolkien. The British Library have recently bought a set. Thanks for the writing and bothering to post it as well. All good wishes, Stephen (StephenRaw.com)


    • That’s brilliant, Stephen. From the photos, they look lovely. And, yes, it would have to be a very good friend!
      The phrase, “Making Language Visible”–your brief mission statement–is really intriguing to me.


  11. Brenton,

    I’ve invited you to participate in a blog hop focused on letting writers show off their process. I’d love to hear your answers the four questions you’ll find here: http://elflandletters.wordpress.com/2014/05/29/my-writing-processes-a-blog-hop/



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  16. I just wanted to let you know I’ve listed you among my nominees for The Dragon’s Loyalty Award for excellence. I’m not sure what dragons have to do with anything, but I love dragons, so I figured I’d pass it along. This is all, of course, just for fun, but I thought you might enjoy a dragon, and I know I enjoy any opportunity I get to send people to your excellent blog.

    You can check out the nomination here: http://storiesandsoliloquies.com/2015/02/11/the-dragons-loyalty-award/

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  17. Hi Brenton, Michelle was also kind enough to nominate my blog and if you don’t mind more than one expression of appreciation I would also like to nominate yours as she did. It’s an edifying pleasure to be part of the ongoing conversation of your blog. Just in case you want to read my Dragon posting you can find it at http://stephencwinter.com/category/dragons-loyalty-award-for-excellence

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  18. Thom Hickey says:

    Thanks. Pleased to have found your expert blog. Lots for me to knot my brow over! Regards from Thom at the immortal jukebox (plugged in and ready to play).


  19. thegatheringfire says:
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  21. icelandpenny says:

    Thanks for following my blog. I’m very impressed by the breadth & depth of your exploration of C.S. Lewis’ works & universe, and larger impact.


  22. icelandpenny says:

    Thank you for following my blog, Brenton. I’m very impressed by the breadth & depth of your exploration o C.S.Lewis’ works & universe.


  23. icelandpenny says:

    !!! Now let me explain that a log-in glitch caused my first attempt to post a comment not to appear until AFTERr I’d managed to post its replacement. Then up it popped. Oops!


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  26. Karen Wells says:

    Thank you for the great read! Not even sure how I came upon it – just dropped onto my monitor screen. I have printed it out. I would like to pass it on to others who would appreciated it as I did. Do I have permission?


  27. Kel Richards says:

    Hi Brenton,

    I am writing a series of novels featuring the Inklings–the latest “The Sinister Student” just published by Marylebone House (in London)–can I have my publisher send you a review copy?

    Kel Richards


  28. Tolkien056 says:

    If you could write this good on your blog, I bet you can write a book that good too.

    Also I’m sorry if you’re getting annoyed by my many comments today. I’m new to commenting on other people’s blogs.

    I just wanted to tell you that your blog is one of my top 2 favorite blogs to follow. Your blog is so good, I don’t know if your blog is the best, or if A tolkienist’s perspective is.

    I think it would be an honor if you follow one of my blogs (I actually have about 8 blogs!). I already asked James from A tolkienist’s perspective, but I’m also hoping that you follow as well.
    Here is the blog I think you’d like:

    And if you like Sherlock Holmes, here’s my latest blog:

    Also, about that book; since you’re very knowledgeable about the Inklings, I think that would be a great choice.


  29. Tolkien056 says:

    Thanks to your blog, I remembered how much I love C. S. Lewis and Narnia. So Hours ago, I had created a C. S. Lewis blog and Narnia. Any tips on blogging about C. S. Lewis? Let me know.

    Here is the blog, in case you want to follow it.


  30. megmoseman says:

    Thank you very much for the like and the follow! I look forward to reading your blog–the bits I’ve seen look really excellent.


  31. Alexander says:

    Taking an upcoming class called Catholic Literary Revival in England next semester, and plan on using this blog as a guide along the way. Many Thanks!

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  33. Linda Smith says:

    Thank you for your comments on grief from Lewis’ A Grief Observed. Useful in dramatic loss in life plus realistic thoughts regarding questions about faith in the midst of the loss.


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  35. Steve says:

    Dear Brenton,
    What a lovely and eclectic blog you have here. Thank you for doing this. I have added it to my blog list and look forward to following it. I thought you might enjoy a peek at some pages from my self published graphic novel adaptation of Bunyan’s The Pilgrim’s Progress. All the best. Steve Vossos, Kelowna, BC.


  36. keebslac1234 says:

    I’ve stumbled into your blog, and I am very glad I did. C.S. Lewis has been a large part of my life ever since a class at my alma mater. I can’t shake him or the thought processes that study set off. I will be reading your thoughts. I’m late to the party, but I’ll be along the wall.


  37. successbmine says:

    Just found you through a link posted on Christian Bloggers Collective on FaceBook to the resources page on The Cultivating Project. As soon as I saw “A Pilgrim in Narnia” I knew I had to check you out. I love all the Narnia stories and C.S. Lewis in general, including The Space Trilogy. And I’m not normally into science fiction. I also love and have read a lot of Tolkien Including The Book of Lost Tales. As soon as I post this comment I’m going to follow your blog so i can easily come back and read not only new posts but make an attempt to read at least some of the already-existing ones. Thank you. God bless.


  38. successbmine says:

    I reread a lot of my books, and will probably reread The Space Trilogy again. I have read The Lord of the Rings trilogy at least 3 times and The Hobbit more times than I can count. The same with Narnia.

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  39. Adam Morrison says:

    Hello, my name is Adam Morrison, first off I enjoy and appreciate your site. I am what Lewis calls a ‘literary ‘ person ( Experiment in Criticism) and struggling writer. I am looking into beginning my own blog along similar lines. I have been reaching out and networking with other young writers who are at least a step or so ahead of me (varying degrees of published ) . I was wondering if you would be at all willing to offer some advice, look over some of my rough preliminary articles/posts . I feel strongly led in these areas and as you have common interests and more experience I would really appreciate anything.

    Thanks and blessings,


  40. Jana Aagaard says:

    Hi — I was was on the Nolloquium zoom meeting, both days. Because an idea of mine for a Lewis project has some relation to your excellent presentation, I would like to get your thoughts about whether my project is worth pursuing. I have no idea whether you have time to spare to respond, but if you’re able, please shoot me a note at my email address and I will let you know by reply what I have in mind. Thanks.


  41. bdsprinkle says:

    Hi Brenton. Been following your blog for some time and I was wondering if you would consider writing a blog post about the biographies of C.S. Lewis (maybe you already have). I want to read about his life but not sure where to start. With Tolkien, it is easy…Start with Humphrey Carpenter’s as that is THE book about Tolkien’s life to which all other biographical pieces owe allegiance. Is their a comparable one for CSL? Which was the first biography on him? Any help you could give would be great. Would like to know where to start and then how to branch out from there.


  42. Mary E. Feie says:

    Delightful discovery!


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