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Jill Pole’s Road to Emmaus

It is one of the more intriguing appearances of Jesus after the puzzling event of the empty tomb. Rather than grand appearances, Christ slowly slipped into the lives of his disciples, visiting two or three at a time while skirting Jerusalem … Continue reading

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That Awkward Conversation in the Face of Death

Like so many others before me, I spent my teenage years working in a pizza joint after school and on weekends. We were not well off, so if I wanted the things that mattered to me in high school—a car, … Continue reading

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The Haunting Death: Lewis, Buechner, and Me on the Loss of my Parents

On Friday, February 12th, I watched my mother finally succumb to cancer. She was only 61. In her death she taught me a great deal about how to live. You can read a brief story of her life here. I am now … Continue reading

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The Problem with Moralistic Art: A Note on the Expository Demon

­ I am not an avid theatre goer, but it is something I secretly love. Rather than the grand urban stages, I especially enjoy the small, intimate theatres that we have here in Atlantic Canada and tucked away in cities … Continue reading

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A Lenten Reading List by Warren Lewis

I have been slowly gathering a cobbled-together list of books that C.S. Lewis read during Lent. Part of the problem is that, due to the humble nature of Lent, one does not boast of one’s reading. I knew that he … Continue reading

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For My Mother

Janet Norgrove (08/05/54-02/12/16) Dear Friends, If life is a journey, then Janet began by walking early. Born in El Dorado, Saskatchewan as an only child, as a toddler she lived in Edmonton and Toronto, where her father was very ill. … Continue reading

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Bandersnatch by Diana Pavlac Glyer

Originally posted on Becka's Book Review:
Multitudes of readers and movie-goers are familiar with the names and writings of C.S. Lewis and J.R.R. Tolkien. Many are also aware that the two literary giants were part of a ‘club’ called…

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All the Good Soaps

Sometime in my teens The Body Shop arrived at the local mall. Today, on the rare occasion I am forced to enter such a place, I steer clear this trendy little cosmetic store. The fumes it emits make my head … Continue reading

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Sleepless Knights by Mark H. Williams

What kept King Arthur up at night? I bet people have been wondering about this all these centuries. After all, defining a nation, revolutionizing social culture, conquering the world, defending against cuckoldry, protecting your kingdom against your evil witch sister, … Continue reading

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A Gospel Too Simple for the Learned: Tough Jo in Bleak House

This is my first time reading Charles Dickens’ Bleak House. As it is featured in Gary Colledge’s God and Charles Dickens and Harold Bloom’s The Western Canon, I thought I should come at last to this very long book. If you have ever … Continue reading

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