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Murder in the Morning

Crows mock the coming of the day heckling every suggestion of light filling every inch of naked twig on bare poplar flung dangerously to the sky and on leafless maples which in summer or fall are watercolour forms of things children … Continue reading

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A Normal Day in C.S. Lewis’ Life as a Student

Though the halls of Oxford are not yet filled for Michaelmas term, University students and faculty are back to work here in North America. No doubt, students are already concerned about how much they can accomplish. As they hustle between … Continue reading

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Madeleine L’Engle and the Poetry of Us

Originally posted on Eclectic Orthodoxy:
by Alana Roberts Madeleine L’Engle as a poet doesn’t muddle herself into blah, kneel to politics, or contemplate evil. Yet she will never be considered by such as Harold Bloom to be a first-rate or…

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Annie Dillard, An American Childhood

Can I come to you as a literary evangelist for a moment? Actually, I’m always doing that, aren’t I? I have worked to remind a world much different than the original about The Screwtape Letters, and argued that The Great Divorce is a … Continue reading

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“Down In The Depth Of Mine Iniquity” by Fulke Greville

Baron Fulke Greville was one of the 1550s boys–one of those men born during the tumultuous period in the transition of the child king Edward VI to the prosecutor, Bloody Mary, to the stabilizing Queen Elizabeth. Born in that decade … Continue reading

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On a Picture by Chirico: A Proposal about the Creation of Narnia

What sorts of things was C.S. Lewis thinking about as he made the sudden turn to Narnia? When you look at the projects on Lewis’ desk, you would hardly guess that he would turn to a children’s fairy tale. Here … Continue reading

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A Cheeky Poem about Talking Beasts by C.S. Lewis

The casual reader of C.S. Lewis might be surprised to know that much of his published poetry found its way into Punch, a British weekly that was known for its spicy humour and saucy cartoons. Part of the reason Lewis subscribed … Continue reading

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