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The Many Names of The Great Divorce: Finding that Elusive Title

I recently competed in the 3 Day Novel Contest, a literary marathon where one writes for 72 hours, hoping to finish an entire novel in that time. As midnight on the last day approached, I had completed my 150 page … Continue reading

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50 Shades of Bad Writing

I understand that this will strike regular readers as a bit of a departure. This blog covers a lot of areas—children’s writing, fantasy, myth, theology and philosophy—and Fifty Shades of Grey is none of those. Not even close. And no, … Continue reading

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Lessons from Childhood Reading, Or Living Life Like Melinda Mae

I always have the temptation, perhaps, to look back a little too fondly at my childhood. I remember especially those sunny summer days on the farm: our backyard was the universe, an adventure waiting every time I left the breakfast … Continue reading

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Great Links: Joel Heck’s C.S. Lewis Site

As part of my Great Links occasional feature, Joel Heck’s website is certainly worth highlighting. Dr. Heck is a theology and Bible professor at the Concordia University of Texas and a long time reader of C.S. Lewis. I have reviewed … Continue reading

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A Prophecy After it Happened; Or, How Children Shape the Future

While reading The Magician’s Nephew to my son, I blogged a couple of weeks ago about how “What We Believe is What We Become.” I don’t believe it is an absolute rule of human life–all of us change paths from … Continue reading

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C.S. Lewis Wasn’t Just Smarter Than Me… Hints on Education from a Remarkable Letter

There is some irony in the fact that I’m working hard to get a PhD in C.S. Lewis so that I can teach at a university, when Lewis himself—Professor at Cambridge for nine years and Don at Oxford for thirty—never … Continue reading

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On a Love for Books; or, An Apology to My Patient Wife

I am, alas, a frequenter of used bookstores. While I like new bookstores, I find them too bright, too organized, almost clinical. They are garish and ostentatious, and all of them share the great sin of not selling my own … Continue reading

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