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Reading the Great Divorce: Friday Feature Podcast

Today’s Friday Feature is another podcast by William O’Flaherty, and fits in well with my mission to get people to read and reread The Great Divorce. Here William allows four people to share what they found meaningful about Lewis’ dream novella … Continue reading

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The Deeper Meaning of “The Great Divorce” (Feature Friday)

It’s difficult to know why, but this post has remained among the most popular for the last few months. For the past few years I have been trying to encourage a recovery of The Great Divorce. It is a great work, … Continue reading

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Introducing Why Read Lewis with William O’Flaherty (Friday Feature)

William O’Flaherty is introducing a new occasional podcast series designed to encourage you to read books that C.S. Lewis wrote (or edited). Even those who have read a variety of works by him are surprised to learn he wrote more … Continue reading

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See My Guest Blog at Theological Miscellany

I am pleased to be recently included in the “Theo-musings of Westminster Theological Centre faculty and friends” at the blog, Theological Miscellany. With the publication of my article, “‘Die Before You Die’: St. Paul’s Cruciformity in C.S. Lewis’s Narrative Spirituality” in … Continue reading

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Annie Dillard, An American Childhood

Can I come to you as a literary evangelist for a moment? Actually, I’m always doing that, aren’t I? I have worked to remind a world much different than the original about The Screwtape Letters, and argued that The Great Divorce is a … Continue reading

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Why I Read C.S. Lewis Chronologically

Last week I had the great thrill to post that I had finished reading through C.S. Lewis’ works chronologically–from his earliest childhood letters and stories to his last letters, essays, and books. On Thursday I will post some practical ways that … Continue reading

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A Gospel Too Simple for the Learned: Tough Jo in Bleak House

This is my first time reading Charles Dickens’ Bleak House. As it is featured in Gary Colledge’s God and Charles Dickens and Harold Bloom’s The Western Canon, I thought I should come at last to this very long book. If you have ever … Continue reading

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