2015: A Year of Reading: The Infographic

I love booksOn Wednesday I posted an extensive write-up of my year of reading, including some pretty nerdy charts and numerous links to blogs that have come out of or gone into my reading. I thought it would be fun to include the Goodreads infographic that they make up for us. This was the first year I really took advantage of the feature.

Goodreads has some limits: it doesn’t automatically share reviews with Amazon, it is hard to include indie work, and you can’t just reblog this infographic. But it is pretty fun otherwise, and let me know some odd things. For example, my 100+ books is more than 32,500 pages of reading. Poetry by Wordsworth and C.S. Lewis were the shortest of books; my Jack Ryan fix, Calvin, and C.S. Lewis’ letters were the longest. My average book length is 313 pages, and I tend to read books I like.

Here’s the direct link, and I’d love to see your Goodreads “My Year in Books” if you have the link.

2015books lengthrating books1books2 3 4567891013


About Brenton Dickieson

“A Pilgrim in Narnia” is a blog project in reading and talking about the work of C.S. Lewis, J.R.R. Tolkien, and the worlds they touched. As a "Faith, Fantasy, and Fiction" blog, we cover topics like children’s literature, apologetics and philosophy, myths and mythology, fantasy, theology, cultural critique, art and writing. This blog includes my thoughts as I read through Lewis and Tolkien and reflect on my own life and culture. In this sense, I am a Pilgrim in Narnia--or Middle Earth, or Fairyland. I am often peeking inside of wardrobes, looking for magic bricks in urban alleys, or rooting through yard sale boxes for old rings. If something here captures your imagination, leave a comment, “like” a post, share with your friends, or sign up to receive Narnian Pilgrim posts in your email box. Brenton Dickieson is a father, husband, friend, university lecturer, and freelance writer from Prince Edward Island, Canada. You can follow him on Twitter, @BrentonDana.
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6 Responses to 2015: A Year of Reading: The Infographic

  1. traildustfotm says:

    May your 2016 be richly blessed by our Lord’s grace, Brenton.

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  2. I’ve just recently started following your blog after seeing the “Cosmic Find” post shared. Wonderful! Here’s my Goodreads Year in Books: https://www.goodreads.com/user/year_in_books/2015/19297061 and I also gave a run-down of my reading at my blog (see link in my profile). I wish I had started reading Lewis earlier in life, but I’m catching up now. Thanks for your blog!


  3. Austin Taylor says:

    Here’s mine: https://www.goodreads.com/user/year_in_books/2015/13839290 I gave myself the goal of reading through all the Lewis books I own but had never read, so there’s a little bit of overlap with your list. Mine seems pretty short next to yours, though.


    • I see we have overlap not just in the books we read, but the kind of books. Consider 1/3 of my working year (600 hours or s0) was set aside for reading and writing professionally, the lists are comparable.
      What was the Seamus Heaney Beowulf translation like? I saw a copy kicking around my son’s school.


  4. keebslac1234 says:

    Okay. Tagalong here. Nowhere near to bringing my reading of your writing to date. Blame it on the books that keep me off the web. Impressive listing you have there. Reminds me of the reading I did when an undergraduate. Anyway, in my seven weeks traveling this summer, I managed to delve into three books, one of which, for sure, is on your list, American Gods. Great work. Also started (since I found all three in a used book store, a must tourist stop for me), Kerouac’s On the Road and Joyce’s Finnegan Wake. Guess which one’s the slog? The other is downright delightful, although dated in a lot of ways.
    Those yearly wrap-ups, yours and others I’ve chanced upon, are great reminders to keep chipping away at my voluminous reading list, especially since I’ve added dozens more.


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