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Call For Guest Blogs on The Great Divorce

On Monday, Nov 10th, we celebrate the 70th anniversary of C.S. Lewis’ novella, The Great Divorce. I rank this among the best of Lewis’ fiction and one of his richest thought experiments. Though not one of his bestsellers, I think … Continue reading

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Tolkien Post Master List (For Tolkien Reading Day)

Originally posted on Pages Unbound | Book Reviews & Discussions:
In celebration of Tolkien Reading Day (3/25) I have decided to collect various posts on Tolkien and his works that I have stumbled across in the blogosphere.  The list is by…

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Art as a Battle, and a Dozen Other Things

It is a new image for me, the idea of art as a battle. Writing is not that for me. It is hard, to be sure. Some of my most difficult moments are in the sculpting of images into words. … Continue reading

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A Quick Detour: On Choosing University Readings

I am at that time of year when I am finalizing readings for an upcoming course. I’m thrilled to be offering a new course at Maritime Christian College called, “From Middle Earth to the Garden of Eden: Thoughts on Faith … Continue reading

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The Forgotten Posts: Blogs that I Liked But Apparently No One Else Did, or An Encouraging Read During a Difficult Writing Period, or, Longest. Title. Ever.

I am writing a paper, and it isn’t going well. When writers face a losing battle, we often turn to little supports that we have surrounded ourselves with over the years. I know a writer who googles his name, to … Continue reading

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Some Reflections on my 3 Day Novel Experience

I have just finished my 5th weekend writing for the International 3 Day Novel Contest (3DNC). As usual, I’m absolutely exhausted. Like I’ve been pummeled. I’ve done the National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo), and it has its challenges. But there … Continue reading

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Ruffling the Pages of The Hobbit: C.S. Lewis’ Original Review in TLS

Besides his own children, in the early days of The Hobbit, J.R.R. Tolkien’s biggest fan was C.S. Lewis. No one really knew what to do with Tolkien’s strange faerie tale just yet, and Tolkien was anxious about its value, but Lewis … Continue reading

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