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C.S. Lewis on “Christian Reunion”

Subtitled “An Anglican speaks to Roman Catholics,” the essay first published in 1990 as “Christian Reunion” is one of the hardest C.S. Lewis short pieces to get your hands on. Editor Walter Hooper notes that this is one of the only … Continue reading

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Peter Kreeft on Hell (Hell Series Part 2)

Peter Kreeft is a Catholic philosopher, C.S. Lewis scholar, and a contributor to the genre of Screwtape-style letters. This piece is an excerpt from his Fundamentals of Faith, and is available here. The hell with hell! says the modern mind. … Continue reading

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“Once Upon a Dreary Era”: A Review of Peter Kreeft’s Critical Essay On C.S. Lewis

Anyone who has heard a lecture from the characteristic voice of Peter Kreeft—and there are a number available free on iTunesU—will hear his humour behind the words of his dozens of books. His books are typically serious. Kreeft is a … Continue reading

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