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The Words C.S. Lewis Made Up: Rebunker

C.S. Lewis was an acclaimed children’s writer, setting the stage for generations of children’s books that speak in a new way to kids and adults with curious minds. Behind this children’s work was C.S. Lewis’ experience as a teacher of English literature, a writer … Continue reading

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An Embarrassing Confession: I Liked The Shack

Anyone who knows me personally knows that I have an allergy to evangelical pop culture art. It is not anaphylactic, but if I get too close to the fiction section in a Christian bookstore, I tend to break out in … Continue reading

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“Friendship over Family in the Lord of the Rings” Guest Blog by Trish Lambert (Signum Series)

Trish Lambert is a professional writer in marketer’s clothing. She is also a licensed amateur radio operator, a certified SCUBA diver, a medal-winning ballroom dancer and a gamer (The Lord of the Rings Online and Star Trek Online…so far). Her … Continue reading

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“Capes and Classes Optional” Guest Blog by Adam Mattern (Signum Series)

Adam Mattern works as a mild-mannered data analyst for a large networking company and is currently studying at Signum University for a M.A. in Language & Literature (concentration in Classical, Medieval & Renaissance Literature). He has love of pop geek-culture, … Continue reading

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Superior Equality in Love: A Thought from “Pride and Prejudice”

I have just had the great experience of teaching Jane Austen’s great romantic novel Pride & Prejudice.  I am sure I gushed, which is not at all fitting for a professor of graduate students. I could not help it: it … Continue reading

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A Toy Left on the Lawn: C.S. Lewis and the Controversy of The Four Loves

Tonight I am teaching on C.S. Lewis’ classic treatment, The Four Loves. I read this early in my adult encounter with Lewis (see my old review here), and again this spring when preparing for the course. The Four Loves is probably the … Continue reading

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The Top 12 Posts of All Time

#12. “‘Sometimes Fairy Stories May Say Best What’s to be Said’ by C.S. Lewis.” Perhaps no one would be more surprised than C.S. Lewis himself at the success of his classic children’s stories, The Chronicles of Narnia. Hundreds of millions … Continue reading

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