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C.S. Lewis’ Unicorn Song

I have talked before about my love of Shel Silverstein’s poetry. Most people don’t know that he is the poet behind the Irish Rover’s international hit, “The Unicorn Song.” It’s hard to resist the Celtic charm of this lilting classic, … Continue reading

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The Forgotten Posts: Blogs that I Liked But Apparently No One Else Did, or An Encouraging Read During a Difficult Writing Period, or, Longest. Title. Ever.

I am writing a paper, and it isn’t going well. When writers face a losing battle, we often turn to little supports that we have surrounded ourselves with over the years. I know a writer who googles his name, to … Continue reading

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Natural Food for the Imagination, or Growing Up on Books

One of my pleasurable memories of childhood was of my mother waking me up very late one night. She had just returned from a business trip and she had bought me a book. I can no longer remember what that … Continue reading

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Lessons from Childhood Reading, Or Living Life Like Melinda Mae

I always have the temptation, perhaps, to look back a little too fondly at my childhood. I remember especially those sunny summer days on the farm: our backyard was the universe, an adventure waiting every time I left the breakfast … Continue reading

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The Pilgrim’s Regress and the Reader’s Progress

As much as I always love it, reading Lewis occasionally reminds me of how I’m so deficient in “the literary canon”—the great pieces of literature that everyone has read; a.k.a., the books I should have read already. All too often … Continue reading

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