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For My Mother

You may have noticed that my posting has hardly been personal over the past couple of weeks. It is a week of difficult anniversaries. February 4th is the day my father and little brother perished in a fire, and last … Continue reading

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See My Guest Blog at Theological Miscellany

I am pleased to be recently included in the “Theo-musings of Westminster Theological Centre faculty and friends” at the blog, Theological Miscellany. With the publication of my article, “‘Die Before You Die’: St. Paul’s Cruciformity in C.S. Lewis’s Narrative Spirituality” in … Continue reading

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From Golgatha to the Gallows: On the Crucifixion of Elie Wiesel (1928-2016)

Jewish people have a deeply difficult relationship with the cross. Once a Roman instrument of torture and oppression, the Christian transformation of that symbol brought Jewish people no relief. Racial antisemitism begins in Europe beneath the symbol of that cross. … Continue reading

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Simone de Beauvoir and the Keyspring of the Lord of the Rings

If I were to pick a public intellectual least likely to have influenced J.R.R. Tolkien, Simone de Beauvoir may not be the first person I would think of. There’s a good chance, though, that she would make the shortlist. French … Continue reading

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That Awkward Conversation in the Face of Death

Like so many others before me, I spent my teenage years working in a pizza joint after school and on weekends. We were not well off, so if I wanted the things that mattered to me in high school—a car, … Continue reading

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For My Mother

Janet Norgrove (08/05/54-02/12/16) Dear Friends, If life is a journey, then Janet began by walking early. Born in El Dorado, Saskatchewan as an only child, as a toddler she lived in Edmonton and Toronto, where her father was very ill. … Continue reading

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All the Good Soaps

Sometime in my teens The Body Shop arrived at the local mall. Today, on the rare occasion I am forced to enter such a place, I steer clear this trendy little cosmetic store. The fumes it emits make my head … Continue reading

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