H.G. Wells Was Right: The Martians are Coming!

mars-plume-from-hubbleWell, maybe.

According to scientists, there are mysterious plumes of gas on the surface of Mars. On Feb 19, 2015, CBC reported:

The plumes were first spotted in March and April 2012 by more than a dozen amateur astronomers using ground-based telescopes.

Since these astronomers working in groups spotted the phenomenon, big dog scientists have use the super-duper telescope Hubble to confirm it. CBC describes their conclusion:

Huge cloud-like plumes have been spotted high above the surface of Mars, and astronomers have no idea what they are.

Mars_Attacks_CBCWhile CBC and all the science guys and gals at Hubble can’t figure it out, this is something that H.G. Wells predicted more than 115 years ago in The War of the Worlds:

The storm burst upon us six years ago now. As Mars approached opposition, Lavelle of Java set the wires of the astronomical exchange palpitating with the amazing intelligence of a huge outbreak of incandescent gas upon the planet. It had occurred towards midnight of the twelfth; and the spectroscope, to which he had at once resorted, indicated a mass of flaming gas, chiefly hydrogen, moving with an enormous velocity towards this earth. This jet of fire had become invisible about a quarter past twelve. He compared it to a colossal puff of flame suddenly and violently squirted out of the planet, “as flaming gases rushed out of a gun.”

Wells War of the WorldsA dissipated puff of flame, of course, would look like a plume.

We should expect an attack from Mars.

Why is this not reported by greater media sources? Even that is predicted by Wells:

Yet the next day there was nothing of this in the papers except a little note in the Daily Telegraph, and the world went in ignorance of one of the gravest dangers that ever threatened the human race.

H.G. Wells saw it all.

Now it is true that Wells misunderstood the amount of time it would take to get the attacking alien craft from Mars. In Wells’ report it took days for the alien vessels to pummel earth and set in motion the inevitable invasion. We know now that it will take months. Given where Mars was in Spring 2012, it should take just about three years….

And once they land, well, we all know what happens.

Tom Cruise’s convincing live action and American small town chaos. That’s what.


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7 Responses to H.G. Wells Was Right: The Martians are Coming!

  1. KokkieH says:

    Won’t be the first time a Science Fiction writer got it right. Well, I’m off. Have to restock my bunker – haven’t been down there since the end of the world in 2012.


  2. Open Source Media says:

    Reblogged this on Open Source Media.


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