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The C.S. Lewis Studies Series: Where It’s Going and How You Can Contribute

Hello fair pilgrims! I wanted to pause for a bit and talk about the “C.S. Lewis Studies Series” here at A Pilgrim in Narnia. Quite honestly, although I had sketched out a “5 Books” series (you can see me testing … Continue reading

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Harry Potter at Home and at the British Library Online

Last week I talked about some Audible learning resources –including “Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone” by Stephen Fry in English, but also in many other languages–and how J.K. Rowling opened up copyright restrictions for teachers and parents to help … Continue reading

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Travels in Time: An Update from the UK

As I write this the English countryside is passing quickly by. I am on a train, which is a rare experience for a non-urban Canadian. Taking the train through England is like moving briskly in and out of time. Clay-roofed … Continue reading

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Photographic Plates of C.S. Lewis’ Manuscripts and Letters

A reader suggested I add to my collection of previously unpublished C.S. Lewis manuscripts (“The Lost-But-Found Works of C.S. Lewis“) by providing a list of manuscripts that show up in photographic plates in books and journals. I know that most of … Continue reading

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C.S. Lewis Manuscript Collections and Reading Rooms

Whether you are new to C.S. Lewis and the Inklings or a long time reader, there are some resources spaces available that can augment your reading project. Researchers and biographers have learned to find the C.S. Lewis manuscript collections, but there … Continue reading

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A Guide to Doing C.S. Lewis Research at the Bodleian: From One Who Started Badly

I wrote here of the hectic chaos of arriving at the Bodleian. It was a combination of my unforeseen lack of preparation, and the fact that the Bodleian is under renovation. My hope is to provide a little detail about … Continue reading

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My First Hour at the Bodleian Library, Oxford

I arrive early to the Bodleian library in Oxford, very nervous and quite intimidated. The attached quadrant has named each of its doorways in Latin: Schola Grammaticae et Historiae and Schola Naturalis Philosophiae. I have to go to the Clarendon … Continue reading

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