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To C.S. Lewis Readers and Researchers: A Call for Literary Links

Dear friends, I have been asked to contribute a list of C.S. Lewis manuscripts that have been published in the last decade for an upcoming book. This invitation came out of an earlier blog, “Lost-but-found Works of C.S. Lewis.” Since then, … Continue reading

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Photographic Plates of C.S. Lewis’ Manuscripts and Letters

A reader suggested I add to my collection of previously unpublished C.S. Lewis manuscripts (“The Lost-But-Found Works of C.S. Lewis“) by providing a list of manuscripts that show up in photographic plates in books and journals. I know that most of … Continue reading

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The Lost-But-Found Works of C.S. Lewis

Once, I had a couple of hours in London before I had to catch a train up to Chester. I only know London through books and movie; no one will be surprised that Sherlock and Charles Dickens do not make … Continue reading

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An Unpublished Foreword to The Great Divorce

C.S. Lewis’ haunting vision of the afterlife, The Great Divorce, began its publication run 70 years ago today. I was once pressed by Inklings scholar Sørina Higgins to name what I thought was Lewis’ best fiction. Lewis himself preferred Perelandra, … Continue reading

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A Guide to Doing C.S. Lewis Research at the Bodleian: From One Who Started Badly

I wrote here of the hectic chaos of arriving at the Bodleian. It was a combination of my unforeseen lack of preparation, and the fact that the Bodleian is under renovation. My hope is to provide a little detail about … Continue reading

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My First Hour at the Bodleian Library, Oxford

I arrive early to the Bodleian library in Oxford, very nervous and quite intimidated. The attached quadrant has named each of its doorways in Latin: Schola Grammaticae et Historiae and Schola Naturalis Philosophiae. I have to go to the Clarendon … Continue reading

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