“Obsessive, Compulsive” single release by Moment of Eclipse

I  know this is a bit of a departure, but it is Friday and a good day to go casual. I wanted to share with you, dear readers, my son’s first song release. Nicolas has been writing for a couple of years and has pulled together a talented local music project, Moment of Eclipse. Their single was launched into the world yesterday, and today they released their video, directed by William Wright. An aggressive, pop-punk sound that walks the line between throwback notes and forward-looking lyricism, “Obsessive, Compulsive” was a popular song in live shows before socially distanced world of the moment.

Produced by ECMA Award-winning producer Jon Matthews, “Obsessive, Compulsive” is all the more impressive knowing that it was written and performed by high schoolers. While I can glow a bit as a father who appreciates great music with a strong, lyrical voice, I also know what is coming ahead. Because of or beyond his age, Nicolas is a skillful songwriter at the front-end of a long career in music.

Local and Atlantic support has been really positive for Moment of Eclipse. On Oct 22nd, the day of the single launch, Canada’s public broadcaster, CBC, interviewed Nicolas and another Moment of Eclipse bandmate, bassist Charlotte Lloyd. You can catch the interview here. Matt Rainnie at CBC focussed on the COVID angle of the story–how the song was trapped in the midst of recording over several months due to the lockdown–as well as the band’s links to the local music scene. Our provincial newspaper, The Guardian, also had a long feature of Moment of Eclipse yesterday, written by Dave Stewart. The angle in this piece is how these kids rely on all-ages venues and concerns–most of which have been closed for most of 2020. In this article, we also get a sense of the band’s backstory.

The members of Moment of Eclipse are itching to get back onto the stage and into the studio for their next single. Meanwhile, here is the video to “Obsessive, Compulsive.”

For those of you who subscribe to Spotify, you can check it out here or listen below:

“Obsessive, Compulsive,” Moment of Eclipse

I may be done with you all,
But I can’t leave you behind
Please don’t forget to fall,
On my bed of nails
And maybe, I just want you to fall,
So I can catch you in my arms
Or maybe, I want to hear you scream,
My name in your native tongue 

I can’t see straight, when you’re inside the left side of my mind
I’ll wait for my stuck up pretense to leave you alone
It’s not your fault, you only locked me away and altered my name
I’ll wait for your stuck up pretense to leave me alone

You say you’re obsessed, I say I’m upset,
We go our separate ways
Your pathetic behaviour is just my screensaver,
And you’re my line of code
And I can’t pretend that I don’t like to
Watch you walk away
But you insisted on staying,
And we both know it’s better off this way 

I’m waiting, I’m waiting, I’m waiting for you
to leave me alone
I’m laying here breaking, you’re sitting there shaking,
And guarding my gravestone

Produced and Engineered by Jon Matthews
Recorded at the Soundmill Studio in Emyvale, PEI
Vocals, Guitar, Keys: Nicolas Dickieson
Guitar: Casey Mann
Bass Guitar: Charlotte Lloyd
Drums: Jesse MacCormac

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12 Responses to “Obsessive, Compulsive” single release by Moment of Eclipse

  1. Callum Beck says:

    Nice, I love it.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. robstroud says:

    Bravo to Nicolas. Quite entertaining.

    The only problem is… where’s his beard?


  3. joviator says:

    Hey, hey. My, my. Sounds like grunge will never die.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. danaames says:

    No problem with a departure – you’re a proud dad. Good for the band in working hard, and getting recognition. The style is not my cup of tea, but as a musician I know it’s a solid, tight sound.


    Liked by 1 person

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