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Why I am Not Anti-Muslim

This is the phrase I put on the board for my students last week. They were not overly fond of my logic. But I had built us up to the moment. I noted a number of terrorist attacks from the … Continue reading

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C.S. Lewis on the Paris Attacks

Many of us were struck by the events in the legendary city of Paris on Friday night. As Parisians settled into cafes, filed into theatre seats, and gathered by the tens of thousands at the soccer stadium, seven young men … Continue reading

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Letter to a Friend on the Front Line of the Culture War

Dear Friend, This letter may shock you, but I think we’ve known each other long enough that I can mention this. I’ll just come out and say it: You know that person/group that you admire so much? Well, I disagree with … Continue reading

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Can You See Beauty in Things You Disagree With? The Ihsan of Evangelicalism

I remember when I first stumbled across the word “Ihsan” in my studies. It is from a mystical path in Islam, and is best translated “Doing What is Beautiful.” As soon as I read the word, I knew what it … Continue reading

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Sometimes It’s Hard To Know What God Wants: A Response to Noah

Sometimes it is hard to know what God wants. Set aside for a moment the strengths and weaknesses of the new film adaptation of Noah featuring Russell Crowe. And leave for another day the questions of myth and history, of … Continue reading

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