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Dayshift Werewolves and Weekend Writers: Thinking about the 3 Day Novel Contest Genre

It’s Friday. This may not surprise you, and may not be true for all readers. But at this point, from my perspective, it is Friday. And in just a few hours the International 3 Day Novel Contest begins. Once again, … Continue reading

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A Preview of my 2013 Three Day Novel Contest Story

Once again I am getting ready for the 3 Day Novel Contest. I’ve reblogged my thoughts on the contest from last year (see below), and as I reread what I wrote, I’m a little surprised that I am going in … Continue reading

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Dayshift Werewolves and Weekend Writers: A Review of the 3 Day Novel Contest Genre

A slowly leaked secret of my life is that I am a 3 Day Novel Contest survivor. For those who don’t know, the 3DNC is a kind of literary boot camp, “the world’s most notorious literary marathon,” where each year … Continue reading

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