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Fun With Stats 2: Lessons on Connectivity from 5 Years of Blogging

As I have confessed before, I love bar graphs and lists. I love data and spreadsheets and trying to read the data to see what trends emerge. As last month was the busiest month ever on A Pilgrim in Narnia, … Continue reading

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Great Leaps and Skinned Knees

“What were you thinking!?!” Gentlemen: without any context or background, you already know that it is my wife speaking, and she is directing the question at me. I know you know this because you too have heard this phrase come … Continue reading

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12 Loving Ways You Can Ruin Your Kid’s Career

Although many parents are radically successful in their focussed attempts to destroy any real potential in their children, some parents raised on a diet of Dr. Spock and after-school specials are struggling to know what else they might do to guarantee the … Continue reading

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Bad Drivers and the Moral High Road

As a biker in a city with few bike lanes and intermittent sidewalks, it is terrifying just to get to school in the morning. Plus, I live in a city with notoriously bad drivers. Chalk this one up to the … Continue reading

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I Don’t Want my Son to be a Stupid Girl

Pink is in the news again. No, it isn’t because she has sold more than 14 million albums, or created music that has asked real social questions and influenced younger artists. It isn’t because she has been caught in public … Continue reading

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Is Nicolas Old Enough for “The Maze Runner”?

This was our family discussion this morning–a good thing, since our family discussion is usually filled we these phrases: “Where are my mitts?” “Shoot, I forgot to make lunches.” “We’re late!” “Oh, I forgot! I need a scale-sized model of the … Continue reading

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