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Help Me Find the Accusation of Misogyny in the TIME Article on C.S. Lewis, Don v. Devil

Two recent references have created a bit of a puzzle for me which I hope you can perhaps make clear for me. Both in Mary Stewart Van Leeuwen’s A Sword Between the Sexes: C.S. Lewis and the Gender Debates and the edited volume … Continue reading

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C.S. Lewis in The Christian Century

I have recently been listed in the CCblogs Network (you can see the little logo to the right). This is a blogging community hosted by The Christian Century, an American magazine that highlights Christian faith and practice on the progressive and liberal … Continue reading

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Stopping Clocks with W.H. Auden: A Note for Martha

Martha must have been a larger than life lady at one time. As she lay quivering on the pale blue sheets, I could see there was extra skin on her emaciated arms. Where the breathing mask pressed against her face … Continue reading

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