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Why C.S. Lewis Says My Reading Program is Wrong, or What Cheese has to do with Reading

This year on A Pilgrim in Narnia we have been doing some thinking about programs for reading great books: Why I Read C.S. Lewis Chronologically How You Can Read C.S. Lewis Chronologically The Canon of Fantasy Literature Harold Bloom’s “The Western … Continue reading

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The Narnian Pilgrim in the UK

Dear Fellow Pilgrims, I chose the image of pilgrimage when I began this blog 5 years ago last week (here was my first blog, on Letter Writing in a Digital Age). I come from a Christian tradition that has tended … Continue reading

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An Essential Reading List from C.S. Lewis: An Experiment on An Experiment in Criticism

On A Pilgrim in Narnia we have been playing with lists of the key books to read–what we might call a “canon.” We’ve thought about the key books of Western literature (here and here), thought about the problems of this discussion, … Continue reading

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Great Leaps and Skinned Knees

“What were you thinking!?!” Gentlemen: without any context or background, you already know that it is my wife speaking, and she is directing the question at me. I know you know this because you too have heard this phrase come … Continue reading

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