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Rather than Marching to Doom I Walked the Cheshire Countryside

As I posted about earlier today, tomorrow I march to my doom, my PhD defence at the University of Chester. This is where all those years of preparation, research, testing ideas, and writing will come to a point of decision. … Continue reading

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Thoughts on the Eve of my PhD Viva  

As I announced at the end of May, I have completed my PhD thesis at the University of Chester and I have been awaiting my defence date. The viva voce, or just Viva, is this terrifying affair where two scholars … Continue reading

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Is Saint Denys in the Headless Hunt? Martyr Legends and Nearly Headless Nick’s Fate

In the great Cathedrals, art is hidden everywhere in plain sight. At the Chester Cathedral yesterday morning, I was able find tiny busts and secret gargoyles and subtle shades of art in every alcove. Even below my feet in the … Continue reading

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Off to the UK! 

Next week I am boarding a jet plane for a research trip to the UK. I’ve got a few things on the agenda: Oxford Ah yes, Oxford, city of dreaming spires. It is an imaginatively rich space for me. I … Continue reading

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Why I am not Anglican: A Response to Rachel Held Evans

Why should I be, after all? Of all the many branches—or scattered splinters—of Christianity, why should I address this particular and peculiar English Episcopalian one? Some already assume that I am Anglican, simply because I am engaged in the project … Continue reading

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Why Religion Matters: A Mini-Vlog Series

One of the trade-offs of my recent vacation and research trip to the U.K. was that I had to miss the first week of classes. In our “Inquiry Studies” class we were simply doing introductions, so I joined the class … Continue reading

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Travels in Time: An Update from the UK

As I write this the English countryside is passing quickly by. I am on a train, which is a rare experience for a non-urban Canadian. Taking the train through England is like moving briskly in and out of time. Clay-roofed … Continue reading

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