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“Sweet Quarantine” by Nicolas Riel (Single Launch)

I’m pleased to announce that my son, Nicolas, is launching his new single today! With singer-songwriter wit in an indie rock performance, “Sweet Quarantine” was written out of the depths of Nicolas’ experience of our most recent apocalypse, the COVID … Continue reading

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twenty øne piløts and fǟmily müsĩc

One of my absolute favourite bands is Twenty One Pilots, or twenty øne piløts, TØP, or various versions of the logo on the right. I stumbled upon this band in a cool way. For years I have been indoctrinating my son … Continue reading

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Phil Keaggy on C.S. Lewis, “In the Corner Back by the Woodpile” Podcast (Friday Feature)

Part of my conversion to Christianity as a young adult was a strange period of renegotiating my past. Our family was pretty poor, with painted chipboard floors, 3rd gen hand-me-down clothes, and glassware stolen from A&W. Despite our poverty, my … Continue reading

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UPEI Wind Symphony presents The Lord of the Rings

I’m pleased to say that my family is attending the University of Prince Edward Island’s Wind Symphony performance tonight. 7 or 8 years ago, the Wind Symphony did elements form the Howard Shore soundtrack of the Peter Jackson Lord of … Continue reading

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Brooke Fraser on C.S. Lewis (Friday Feature)

I have talked before about how musicians are influenced by C.S. Lewis (here, here, here, and here). Another one of these is New Zealand superstar Brooke Fraser. Church folk might know Fraser from her role in the Hillsong United music ministry. “Desert Song” … Continue reading

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OK Go and Multimedia Artistry (Friday Feature)

While I don’t tend to follow the actual Grammy awards, I do look for the nominations. This year’s list convinces me that I am increasingly incapable of saying I have any meaningful connection to pop music. Still, there are jewels … Continue reading

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The Milk Carton Kids Live: Great Music for English Majors (Friday Feature)

If you don’t know, the Milk Carton Kids are an indie folk duo with Americana sensibilities. They’ve been on my playlist since I saw them on youtube on an NPR Tiny Desk concert. Kind of a Simon & Garfunkel for … Continue reading

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Faërie Stories in The Labyrinth: A David Bowie Tribute Post

David Bowie is dead. We woke up to the news as weather giants threw the sky against our windows and rocked the house in their rollicking. I had just been thinking about Bowie yesterday, but I suppose everyone has. He … Continue reading

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“I See Fire” by Ed Sheeran from “The Desolation of Smaug”

A little fun and fire for today’s Feature Friday post. One thing I’ve loved about Peter Jackson’s Lord of the Rings and Hobbit films is how the soundtracks draw all the visual and narrative elements together. I have also liked some … Continue reading

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3 Pop Culture References to The Great Divorce

While there seems to be no end to C.S. Lewis fans, biographers, and bloggers—like the digital network connected with A Pilgrim in Narnia—I have found surprisingly few pop culture references to Lewis’ books other than Narnia and The Screwtape Letters. … Continue reading

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