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Please Vote: “The Outlaw In My Lineage” by Nicolas Dickieson

The other day I took my family for a walk around my land. It is just a handful of acres now, a field farmed for soybean or alfalfa. It once was part of a much larger 100-acre plot that was the … Continue reading

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In Memory of Stuart McLean (Friday Feature)

My family was saddened to learn of the passing of Stuart McLean. You probably don’t know him. Canadian actors and comedians do well in New York and Hollywood. We, like the Brits, enjoy dry wit and satire, but our radio … Continue reading

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A Snow Day in Prince Edward Island

It’s Snow Day #2 on Prince Edward Island. Since yesterday at noon, PEI has been buffeted by a blizzard. While only a foot of snow came down, 40-60 mph winds make it a mess. Most of us are content to stay … Continue reading

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Canada and a 6th Century Monk

Originally posted on the traveller's path:
In honour of Canada Day, I thought it might be fun to share with you one of my favourite stories from the Britain’s Early Middle Ages; that of the 6th century monk known as…

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C.S. Lewis’ Amazing Connections with Canada (A Canada Day Post)

It is Canada Day here in, well, it’s in the title, isn’t it? Canada Day is, unsurprisingly, celebrated in Canada, and by the millions of Canadians hidden secretly among the peoples of the world, waiting until the signal to rise … Continue reading

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Thoughts on reading Infinite Jest by David Foster Wallace: #InfiniteWinter Midterm Update

This book is long. I mean, the “infinite” in Infinite Jest is approaching a new kind of literal meaning for me. My copy has 1079 pages. These are thick, full pages. Infinite Jest is a bestseller as well as a … Continue reading

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Why Most of Us Will be Disappointed After the Election

Note: Most of my readers are American or British, and may not be overly excited about Canada’s Federal Election happening today. What I’m talking about fits into any of these contexts, and I’ve tried to include some UK and US … Continue reading

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