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When in Rome: A Letter to the Editor on Language, Immigration, and Culture

Note: Nearly four years ago, one of the regular local Letter to the Editor writers complained of a phenomenon at our largest grocery store. He spoke about how a group of “Asians” were speaking loudly to one another in “Chinese” … Continue reading

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Why Tolkien Thought Fake Languages Fail

According to the scrupulous historians at Wikipedia, a 2007 report appeared in Multnomah County, OR, that suggested a need to hire Klingon translators for mental health support programs if clients surrendered to care only able to speak Klingon. As a … Continue reading

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Mini-Syllabus: Introduction to Beowulf and Anglo-Saxon

Originally posted on Stories & Soliloquies:
Although I am still working my way through my last syllabus, I’m excited that my book club is reading Beowulf this fall. I’ve decided to make the most of this chance to talk about…

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