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The 600,000th Visitor at A Pilgrim In Narnia!

This week we had our 600,000th visitor to A Pilgrim In Narnia! Was it you? I honestly have no way of knowing, and I’m a little afraid of the global attention you’d receive if I could publish that news. Fame … Continue reading

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C.S. Lewis’ Pretty Awful and Peculiarly Interesting Letter on Writing

How many times have you heard of the struggling writer providentially bumping into an established author or writing a letter? And then that writer on the edge of hopelessness becomes the recipient of a little piece of advice or encouragement … Continue reading

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The Haunting Death: Lewis, Buechner, and Me on the Loss of my Parents

On Friday, February 12th, I watched my mother finally succumb to cancer. She was only 61. In her death she taught me a great deal about how to live. You can read a brief story of her life here. I am now … Continue reading

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Yours, Jack… or C.S. Lewis… or Clive… or Brother Ass: The Many Signature of C.S. Lewis

For some time, my son has been carefully working on his signature, as I worked on mine growing up. Through sheer laziness, and lacking any artistry or loveliness, my signature is now a “B” with a line blurring to the … Continue reading

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On the Nobody Somebody Has Inside: A Post About Bullying For Pink Shirt Day

By all accounts the famous children’s author, C.S. Lewis, was bullied badly in the English private school that he was subjected to as a child. His first school, Wynyard, had a bully as a headmaster. Robert Capron–nicknamed “Oldie” by the … Continue reading

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A Shore-side View of the Pilgrimage: My 2nd Anniversary Reflection

I am writing this post from one of Prince Edward Island’s gorgeous beaches. This Eastern Canadian Island of Hesperides is filled with incredible beaches: miles of blonde sand slicing the world between an endless blue ocean of white cresting lines … Continue reading

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A Statistical Look at C.S. Lewis’ Letter Writing

I have often heard that C.S. Lewis is one of the great letter writers of history. I can hardly make any comparison; the only other letter collections I have on my shelf are single volumes by J.R.R. Tolkien, Dylan Thomas, … Continue reading

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