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Great and Little Men: J.R.R. Tolkien’s Letter about C.S. Lewis and T.S. Eliot

For much of the last week, I have been fighting through the relationship between C.S. Lewis and T.S. Eliot relationship. In my 2015 post about Eliot’s striking lyrical poem, “…In the Vacant Places,” I was more than a bit optimistic … Continue reading

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John Garth, Maximilian Hart, Kris Swank, and Myself on Ursula K. Le Guin, Language, Tolkien, and World-building (Friday Feature)

Happy Friday everyone! I am preparing for the upcoming Signum University Ursula K. Le Guin course that I am precepting (for which there may be a spot or two open, and you can see a second invite here). Elbow-deep in … Continue reading

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Thesis Theater: Maximilian Hart, “Draconic Diction: Truth and Lies in Le Guin’s Old Speech” (Mon, Aug 16, 6pm Eastern)

I was pleased this summer to be the second reader for an exciting project by one of Signum University’s bright MA students. Beginning with curiosity about “Old Speech” in Ursula K. Le Guin‘s Earthsea series, Maximilian Hart has pulled together … Continue reading

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“The Once and Forgotten T.H. White: Lessons from Obscurity” by G. Connor Salter

Terence Hanbury White was one of the founding fathers of fantasy in the twentieth century, producing nearly twenty-five novels, including the beloved modern Arthurian retelling, The Once and Future King. Still, much of T.H. White’s life remains a mystery and … Continue reading

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Tolkien Studies Projects Sweep the Mythopoeic Scholarship Award Shortlist in Inklings Studies (Trying Not To Say “I Told You So”)

I just spent the weekend at Mythcon–a short, digital version of the normally weird and wonderful long weekend of scholarship and fan fun. Many of the parts of Mythcon that I love were still featured, including thoughtful and engaging panels, … Continue reading

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5 Affordable Ways to Purchase Digital Books By and About C.S. Lewis

It is true for me that there is no pleasure quite like pulling a book off the shelf, flipping to the first page, and wandering into a new world of ideas or imagination. Whether this is a new adventure or … Continue reading

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“Gilbert and Jack: What C.S. Lewis Found Reading G.K. Chesterton”: Audio Drama by Alan C. Duncan

I am sometimes asked to provide a blurb for an upcoming book, usually something to do with C.S. Lewis and the Inklings. I rarely get the book read in time to meet a publisher’s schedule, so don’t bother heading to … Continue reading

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The Top New Posts of 2020 on A Pilgrim in Narnia

2020 was the busiest year ever on A Pilgrim in Narnia! And by a pretty big margin. In 2020, we topped 1,000 posts, blew past our 1,000,000th page view, and passed 200,000 hits in a single year for the first … Continue reading

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Subversive: Christ, Culture, and the Shocking Dorothy L. Sayers (InklingsFolk Online Discussion)

I am a big fan of Crystal Downing’s work, and I love the figure of Dorothy L. Sayers. I am pleased, then, to share this event! I also look forward to reading Crystal’s new book, Subversive. Subversive Sayers: A Conversation … Continue reading

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The Tolkien And Lewis Bromance: The Diana Glyer Interview on the Babylon Bee

This is a fun little link. I have talked about Diana Glyer’s important work on creativity and collaboration. The Company They Keep: C.S. Lewis and J.R.R. Tolkien as Writers in Community is a twenty-year wonder book, one of the most … Continue reading

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