70th Anniversary of the Screwtape Letters: A Nefarious Nod to our Favourite Degenerate Demon

C.S. Lewis

1st Edition of The Screwtape Letters

I am never great at remembering birthdays (my mother-in-law’s b’day is tomorrow) or Valentine’s Day (as I wrote about here, pp. ), but I remembered that obscure anniversary that is the 70th anniversary of the publication of The Screwtape Letters as a book in 1942. I’m sure Screwtape could use that weakness within me, somehow, to his own nefarious end, which is always my own piteous one.

But what do you get a demon? I could do something wicked–or at least something mildly bad, as Screwtape would find satisfactory for pillaging my soul. I could lift a glass of Pharisee or dictator to toast the 20th century’s most pretentious demon. Or perhaps I should spend a moment in wicked silence for the wretched Wormwood. What do you get the demon who looks down at everything?

Well, it matters not. Someone else has beat me to it. The C.S. Lewis Minute Podcast has celebrated by writing a new Screwtape Letter: “Screwtape Speaks at Demon-Chapel.” So, on this inauspicious occasion I will add this new toast to my list of collection of Screwtape-styled letters in my blog, “Screwtape Writes Again.” I’m sure that Screwtape, as clever as he is, can use all of these things to his uses.

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16 Responses to 70th Anniversary of the Screwtape Letters: A Nefarious Nod to our Favourite Degenerate Demon

  1. Thanks for linking to my post! I’ve been enjoying your recent post on Screwtape.


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  3. robstroud says:

    I posted a link to this message in my own Screwtape homage a few minutes ago: http://mereinkling.wordpress.com/


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