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C.S. Lewis’ Advice to Students When Everything Seems in Ruins

I was tempted to call this blog, “How to Keep from Being a Bore, an Ass, or a Villain.” You’ll see why very soon. It’s no secret that we live in disillusioning times. We are raising a generation with messages … Continue reading

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Tolkien‘s ‘immortal four’ meet for the last time

Originally posted on John Garth:
One hundred years ago today, four young men convened in an English town, not having seen each other for some time. What makes this trivial event significant is that one of them was J R…

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“Integrity” and “Research”: Two Evils of the University According to C.S. Lewis

  In his mid-50s, after a devoting more than 35 years to Oxford as a student and teacher, C.S. Lewis moved to the “other university”: Cambridge. A year or so after taking his Chair, he wrote for The Cambridge Review, … Continue reading

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“Down In The Depth Of Mine Iniquity” by Fulke Greville

Baron Fulke Greville was one of the 1550s boys–one of those men born during the tumultuous period in the transition of the child king Edward VI to the prosecutor, Bloody Mary, to the stabilizing Queen Elizabeth. Born in that decade … Continue reading

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“Almost an Inkling” Flash Fiction Contest Week 1 Winners!

Originally posted on The Oddest Inkling:
Click over to the contest home page to watch a video in which I talk about the winners and to download a .pdf of the winning entries! Week 1 was: Through Mysterious Doors This…

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Mini-Syllabus: Introduction to Beowulf and Anglo-Saxon

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Although I am still working my way through my last syllabus, I’m excited that my book club is reading Beowulf this fall. I’ve decided to make the most of this chance to talk about…

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