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“The Saxon King of Yours, Who Sits at Windsor, Now. Is There No Help in Him?” Thoughts on the British Monarchy from “That Hideous Strength” by C.S Lewis on the Death of Queen Elizabeth II (by Stephen Winter)

Originally posted on Wisdom from The Lord of the Rings:
That Hideous Strength by C.S Lewis (Pan Books 1983) pp.286-294 The death of Queen Elizabeth II in this last week leaves a huge gap in my life and in the…

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Why I am not Anglican: A Response to Rachel Held Evans

Why should I be, after all? Of all the many branches—or scattered splinters—of Christianity, why should I address this particular and peculiar English Episcopalian one? Some already assume that I am Anglican, simply because I am engaged in the project … Continue reading

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A Toy Left on the Lawn: C.S. Lewis and the Controversy of The Four Loves

Tonight I am teaching on C.S. Lewis’ classic treatment, The Four Loves. I read this early in my adult encounter with Lewis (see my old review here), and again this spring when preparing for the course. The Four Loves is probably the … Continue reading

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Letters to the Editor in Response to C.S. Lewis’ “Dangers of National Repentance”

On Palm Sunday, March 17th, 1940, C.S. Lewis wrote to his brother who was at war in France. C.S. Lewis had had an article appear in The Guardian the previous Friday called “Dangers of National Repentance.” This is the newspaper … Continue reading

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