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The Tolkien Letters that Changed C.S. Lewis’ Life (On Tolkien’s Birthday)

Today is J.R.R. Tolkien’s birthday. Born on January 3, 1892, he would be 127 today if he had been a longliver or immortal. To celebrate the occasion I decided to reblog my most popular Tolkien post. Tolkien’s work has made many … Continue reading

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C.S. Lewis And J.R.R. Tolkien: The Unpayable Debt of Writing Friends (Throwback Thursday)

This year I introduced an occasional feature I call “Throwback Thursday.” This is where I find a blog post from the past–raiding either my own vault or someone else’s–and throw it back out into the digital world. This might be … Continue reading

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Eucatastrophe: J.R.R Tolkien & C.S. Lewis’s Magic Formula for Hope by Tim Willard

What is it we feel when the eagles swoop in during the final moments of the battle of the five armies in  Do our emotions reveal the true depth of the fantasy genre that has captured the hearts of pop-culture? … Continue reading

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The Hound of Heaven, Cat and Mouse: Stories of Conversion

When I was young, I had no idea that there was such a terrifying concept as an all-loving, ever-pervasive God who sought not intellectual precision or ritualistic elegance or even sheer human kindness, but who sought the elusive self-honesty that … Continue reading

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The Tolkien Letters that Changed C.S. Lewis’ Life

This actually happened three times, though we don’t have most of the letters that J.R.R. Tolkien sent to his friend C.S. Lewis over the years. The first letters that changed Lewis’ life were more than letters. Throughout the 1920s Lewis … Continue reading

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A Clash of Faith: What Happens When Punk Rocker Terry Chimes Reads “Mere Christianity”

It’s hard not to love The Clash, though they started filling the stage with noise when I was still in diapers. That’s okay, since Clash headman Mick Jones said in his last performance, “This here set of music is now … Continue reading

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The Unpayable Debt of Writing Friends

I have just read The Hobbit again and am about to finish The Fellowship of the Ring, reading aloud to my son. Again and again I am struck by how very good these books are. Not only are they wonderful … Continue reading

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C.S. Lewis and The Inklings ‘Ideas’ on CBC

Originally posted on Malcolm Guite:
As part of the commemorations for Cs Lewis’s ‘Jubilee’ year the Canadian Broadcasting Company have commissioned two in depth programmes on CS Lewis and the Inklings for their Flagship ‘Ideas’ series. I was happy to…

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The Forgotten Posts: Blogs that I Liked But Apparently No One Else Did, or An Encouraging Read During a Difficult Writing Period, or, Longest. Title. Ever.

I am writing a paper, and it isn’t going well. When writers face a losing battle, we often turn to little supports that we have surrounded ourselves with over the years. I know a writer who googles his name, to … Continue reading

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Telling it Slant: The Problem With Writing Conversions

Oranges and Archie I never went to church much growing up. There was a little white church a mile or so from my house that gave out free oranges and Christian Archie comic books at Christmastime, so sometimes I would … Continue reading

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