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Reading and the Cultural Moment, with C.S. Lewis

So much of C.S. Lewis’ uniqueness comes down to his sheer love of diversity. He loved variability, colour, the exchange, the alienation of encounter and unity with others. His weird dystopia That Hideous Strength was, in many ways, a protest against … Continue reading

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On Embracing my Inner Nerd, Or Erasing the Division between Head and Heart (Throwback Thursday)

This summer I introduced an occasional feature I call “Throwback Thursday.” This is where I find a blog post from the past–raiding either my own vault or someone else’s–and throw it back out into the digital world. This might be an … Continue reading

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The Top 6 New Posts of 2017

In 2017, A Pilgrim in Narnia passed a number of milestones. We passed the 700-post threshold, had our 500,000th hit, were shared for the 10,000th time, and are nearing in on 7,000 followers. We had our seven biggest months this year, … Continue reading

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“I’m a Sad Ass at the Moment” C.S. Lewis’ Words with Sr. Penelope (From the Vault)

I have had a terrible, horrible, awful week. Though it moved in and out relatively quickly, I had a version of the flu I would not wish on anyone, and now I have a week of catching up to do. … Continue reading

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On the Deaths of Charles Williams and Harold Ladoo

On this day, 70 years ago, Charles Williams passed away in hospital. His death came as a shock to his family, his closest friends, and his many followers. This enigmatic figure had a galvanizing effect, attracting so many to his … Continue reading

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On the Death of a Friend

May 15 marks the death of Charles Williams, C.S. Lewis’ good friend and literary inspiration. He is certainly the Oddest Inkling, and you can follow much of his work at Sørina Higgins’ blog. Lewis and Williams met through a providential … Continue reading

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“I’m a Sad Ass at the Moment” Words with Sr. Penelope

Anyone who experiences the ebb and flow of spirit, the up and down of the mental life, will be sensitive to that vibration in the lives of others. Setting aside for a moment the oft-misunderstood realities of mental illness, for … Continue reading

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