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1,000,000 Hits on A Pilgrim in Narnia!

A Pilgrim in Narnia has just now had its 1,000,000th hit! A million page views is right, according to WordPress analytics. After passing our 9th Anniversary last month, after 1,057 posts (this is number 1,058), this little sandbox of literary … Continue reading

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What Does My Google Autofill Say About Me? (a little Friday Feature nonsense)

I have come to love the google autofill function for sites I frequent. This is partly because I have filled the little avatar-button toolbar thing on my browser. This means that I have 60+ sites that I visit frequently enough … Continue reading

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That Hideous Graph: Joe Hoffman Enhances the Data from my C.S. Lewis Writing Schedule Cheatsheet

Over the last couple of years, I have been slowly applying lessons from the Digital Humanities to my work. Part of that project has been rethinking C.S. Lewis’ bibliography. Specifically, I wanted to shift my thinking from when a book … Continue reading

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Elf compounds

Originally posted on words that you were saying:
In comparing the hyphenated words, I have reached the elf compounds.  OED attests all of the words below.  Only “elf-fire” and “elf-friend” overlap with the elf compounds of The Hobbit! I am particularly…

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