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David Bentley Hart’s Prophetic New Testament Translation and America’s Heresies

The New Testament: A Translation by David Bentley Hart My rating: 4 of 5 stars It is a little awkward to provide a star-rating for a Bible, but I am thinking here of the translation by David Bentley Hart. I … Continue reading

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An Introduction to the New Testament

I am teaching a class at the University of Prince Edward Island this semester. “RS 387: The New Testament” is one of my favourite courses to teach. I love the world that the Jesus movement emerged out of–a cultural mess … Continue reading

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Harry Potter in the Bible

Originally posted on Mere Inkling Press:
So much for the effectiveness of “state churches.” The European ones appear to have become abject failures. There is ample evidence that the “establishment” of religions has rarely served either church or state very…

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We’ll Have a Gay Old Time, or Why New Bible Translations Are Needed

Who could forget the Yabba Dabba delicious Flintstones theme—that dangerously overweight but surprisingly nimble Stone Age construction worker with anger issues and his car crammed full with the kids, the pets, and the Rubbles. As they pull into the drive … Continue reading

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